Protests to begin at Courthouse in Atlanta on Friday, September 2, 2011


William M. Windsor is set to begin protesting at the Fulton County Georgia Courthouse the morning of Friday, September 2, 2011.

The address is 136 Pryor Street, and anyone interested in participating is invited to join.

The protest will be delayed if Windsor is arrested first….

Since they’ve banned me from entering the courthouse, I guess I just have to take it to the streets! 

I spent much of the day on Wednesday trying to determine if I need a permit to protest.  The word at this hour is no, not unless I plan to block the streets.  I don’t plan to block the streets, so I am planning to be there at 8:30 am on Friday.


The Fulton County Courthouse (sign says Lewis R. Slaton Courthouse) is at 136 Pryor Street — northeast corner of Pryor and Martin Luther King.

I have notified the Sheriff, the Police Department, and the District Attorney that I will be there.

I am protesting the rampant corruption in the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.  I am protesting the DA’s criminal acts in blocking my evidence from reaching the Grand Jury.  I am protesting the numerous threats of arrest made to me by the DA’s employees and various Fulton County Sheriff’s Deputies.  And I will be protesting the fact that the Fulton County District Attorney is committing a cover-up of the criminal racketeering enterprise that is the federal court system in Georgia.

My initial goal will be to try to reach some of the new Grand Jurors as a new two-month jury session begins on Friday.  Then I’ll change signs at 9 am and focus on the corrupt District Attorney’s Office.

I’m going to go out shopping tomorrow for a lawn chair with an attached umbrella, a bunch of poster board, and markers.  I’ll print up some information to distribute.  I’ll have my dolly of evidence for the Grand Jury to show what was blocked. 

I’ll have my iPhone for photos.  And here’s something all of you with iPhones need — it’s an app called “Camera Genius.”  It costs 99 cents.  The best feature is that it has anti-shake, so your iPhone photos will instantly become infinitely better!

This will be a great opportunity for any of you in Georgia to come by for a chat to discuss your case of corruption.

Hey, I’ve never protested anythig before, so if some of you experienced protesters would send a few tips, I’d appreciate it.

Online TV Show on Sunday

The Online TV Show on will continue to be held every Sunday from 5-7 pm Eastern Time.  If I get arrested. I have arranged for David Schied to take over the show.  If I get arrested, don’t expect to see or hear from me any time soon because I ain’t ‘pologizin’ to no one.  If they find me in contempt for some manufactured reason, it will be a life sentence because I will NEVER apologize for being honest and fighting these crooks.

So, tune in every Sunday to see if I am still around. Laughing

Barrage of Letters

I have sent a lot of letters by fax since I was removed from the elevator lobby outside the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.  I have sent Freedom of Information Requests and Georgia Open Records Requests to the District Attorney for all kinds of juicy information that I can use against them.  I am trying to get an emergency hearing on my “Criminal Trespass Warning.”  I’ve sent various demands to the DA and Sheriff.  Tomorrow, I am going to seek a stalking restraining order against Cynthia Nwokocha.

Support the Constitution, Bill of Rights, & Honesty in Government

If you haven’t joined our casue on Facebook, PLEASE DO.  Just click here.  In six months, we have 5,010 members.  This ranks us #12 in causes related to the Constitution.  We need 50,000 members so we can become a force.

In recent months, I have been victim to the most incredible violations of Constitutional rights that you could ever imagine.  I am only one of many victims of the federal judiciary.

The only way this can be corrected is if we build a network of at least 50,000 people who really care about our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and honesty in government.  Please help.  Please don’t just think this is a good idea; please act.  Invite all of your friends, relatives, neighbors, church members, business associates.

Please read the latest developments at Read the article that explains How Judges Commit Crimes.  If you are a victim, please consider taking action by addressing judicial corruption by filing criminal charges during National Grand Jury Corruption Complaint Filing Month.

If you joined this group because it seemed like a noble idea, please understand that much of what our country was founded on, the rights that we were taught in school, NO LONGER EXIST.  This is a universal problem in our federal courts.  It is a totally non-partisan issue that WE must do something about.  It seems like an impossible task that we little people could actually cause change, but I bet that’s what Susan B. Anthony and Martin Luther King, Jr. were told.

It’s in our hands. PLEASE HELP.

William M. Windsor

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