Exciting New Developments in Atlanta Grand Jury Tampering Probe


There were a lot of developments on September 1, 2011 in the Atlanta Georgia Grand Jury tampering probe.

After what seemed like hundreds of phone calls and visits to every office in the Fulton County Superior Courthouse, the day ended in the courtroom of Judge Kelly Amanda Lee.

Judge Lee has now become the key player in William M. Windsor’s quest to expose prosecutorial and judicial corruption….

The plan for the day was to go to the Eighth Floor of the Fulton County Courthouse and fill out a stalking protective order against Cynthia Nwokocha, the Chief Investigator of the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.  Ms. Nwokocha accosted me on August 30 in the elevator lobby outside the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office, slobbered all over me as she invaded my personal space, accused me of criminal trespassing, and issued a “Criminal Trespass Warning” to me.  I will be arrested on sight if I ever return to the District Attorney’s Office which is where the Grand Jurors are hidden.

After many calls yesterday, this was what I was told in the end.  So, I drove downtown and charged up to the Eighth Floor.  I waved when the doors opened on the Third Floor (DA’s floor).  If I had stepped out of the elevator, I would have been arrested.

I met one of the nicest and most professional people I have yet enclontered in any courthouse, Miss Shaw.  She very politely told me that the only stalking protective oredrs the judge issues there are in family court matters.  She did ask a supervisor, and she came back and told me to take my complaint to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department.  I’ve tried that by phone, fax, email, and letterm but I figured I’d give it a try in person.

The receptionist said she would get Lieutenant English for me.  I said NO, PLEASE DON’T DO THAT.  Lieutenant English is one of the people I am pressing criminal charges against.  Out came Major McKee and Captain Wingfield; they are the chain of command above English, responsible for the DA’s Office and Grand Jury sheriff stuff.  They seemed like nice, honest people.  Time will tell.  I explained what all had happened with the threats from two of their deputies, jury tampering by three of their deputies and the District Attorney and a host of his employees.  They listened patiently, asked some questions, and said they would get back to me.  I told them my first priority was to make the “Criminal Trespass Warning” disappear.

It was 4:30 by this point, and I decided to see if Judge Constance Russell was still in her courtroom as I had noted that she is the Presiding Judge for the week, which means she handles all new, emergency stuff.  I walked in, and her bailiff gave me a big hugh-like handshake.  We had talked for about an hour about life in general, the economy, kids, etc. when I was last in Judge Russell’s courtroom. 

The Judge Russell entered, and as she glanced at the back of the courtroom as she walked in, she raised her hand and gave me a big wave.  Seriously!  She handled a few matters, and then she said, Mr. Windsor, come on up.  What brings you here today?

I told her she is my favorite judge, so I just had to come see her.  I explained to her what had happened with the jury tampering and the “Criminal Trespass Warning,” and she just rolled her eyes again and again as she heard the horrors.  Then  she told me what to do.  She told me where to go to find out which judge had sworn in the Grand Jurors, and she told me to take this to that judge.  (I should have thought of that!)

It took three stops, but I finally learned that Judge Kelly Amanda Lee was the judge.  I raced to her courtroom and arrived just before 5 pm, but she was still there handling a plea bargain deal.  Her Deputy Clerk, Rebecca Conrad, took me out and sat down with me to hear the story.  I gave her some information, including a copy of my “Criminal Trespass Warning,” and she promised that I would hear from Judge Lee tomorrow.

Judge Lee is a new judge.  She began January 1.  She was an attorney for 17 years before she was elected judge.  She was not with one of the big law firms that I suspect of having “special relationships” with the judges, so that’s good.  She’s a Republican, which probably means nothing, but the DA is a Democrat, and Judge Orinda D. Evans, my original corrupt judge, is a Democrat.  The Grand Jury Foreman, Steve Broadbent, is a big Republican, so that isn’t good.  I just need to hope that she is fair and impartial and goes by the law.  I do believe there is a far better chance with a new judge. 

I drafted a letter to her tonight and faxed it off.  Here’s the letter:

Judge Kelly Amanda Lee
c/o Ms. Rebecca Conrad
Fulton County Superior Court
185 Central Avenue, SW
Justice Center Tower
Suite T-8705 / Courtroom 8B
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Fax: 404-332-0348

Dear Judge Lee:

I came to your courtroom late Thursday afternoon, and I spoke with Ms. Conrad.  Judge Constance Russell sent me to you after I spoke with her in her courtroom.   Judge Russell directed me to present my information to the judge who swore in the July/August Grand Jury, and after several stops, I finally learned that was you.

I left some information with Ms. Conrad, but it had not been prepared for you, so please allow me to concisely tell you the situation.

There was serious jury tampering and obstruction of justice with the July/August Fulton County Grand Jury.  I have absolute proof.  Furthermore, all you will need to do is speak to some of the Grand Jurors because they will have the behind-closed-doors information about which I can only speculate by putting 2 + 2 together.  I have documents, my own testimony, and the testimony of other witnesses.  I might even have some tape recordings and a video.

I have been attempting to present evidence to the Grand Jury for months after the District Attorney’s Office ignored me – never even extending the courtesy of a response to my letters and voice mails.

The District Attorney’s staff is trying to do everything they can to block me from presenting my evidence.  I have evidence of crimes by them, by several federal judges in Atlanta, and by the Clerk of the Court of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.  I believe these people will stop at nothing to keep my evidence from reaching the Grand Jury.  There is even a report from a federal prisoner that there is a plot to have me killed.   The DA’s employees have done a wide variety of illegal things to conceal my evidence from the recent grand juries.

On August 9, 2011, I was told the Grand Jury voted to consider my evidence.  I reached them by having a courier deliver letters personally addressed by Juror Number to each Grand Juror.  I received a letter from the foreman, Steve Broadbent, and he invited me to submit evidence.

I brought the evidence to the Grand Jury area on August 12, and shortly thereafter, Mrs. Rebecca Keel, the ADA responsible for the Grand Jury, came out to tell me that I would be presenting my charges to the Grand Jurors on August 19.

I worked night and day preparing 26 binders for the Grand Jurors to make the best use of the limited time I was given. I arrived on the 19th and had a witness there who would have been delighted to testify as well.

After all the police officers and witnesses had left, I was finally called in.  It was Assistant District Attorney Waverly Settles, Steve Broadbent, the Grand Jury, and perhaps a few others seated at a table up front with Broadbent.  Settles gave false information to the Grand Jury, and Broadbent immediately began a character assassination of me.  Then several Grand Jurors chimed in.  It was painfully obvious that one or more people had filled the Grand Jurors with false and defamatory information about me.  I suspect Settles and Broadbent, and perhaps Mrs. Keel.

Despite the out-and-out attack, I was able to rebut what was said and actually had proof with me in the binders.  There were a number of Grand Jurors who kind of took control of the session and said they wanted me to come back with no more than a 20-page document with just the bare essentials and then present the evidence to prove the statements slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am.  I asked several questions to confirm exactly what was expected.  When I left, I told them that I would be back with what they had requested, and I confirmed the date for Tuesday, August 23, 2011.  I sent four faxes from Friday to Monday confirming the date and time.  I have the fax confirmation pages.  There was no response to the faxes or voice mail messages for Mrs. Keel.

On Tuesday, August 23, 2010 at 9:10 am, I arrived at the Office of the Fulton County District Attorney.  I was rudely told to sit down by Ms. Naomi Fudge, the receptionist, so I did as I was told.  I had seven witnesses there.

At about 12:45, Assistant District Attorney Waverly Settles waved me in from the outer door to the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.  I grabbed my dolly holding two jam-packed paper cases containing my evidence — 164 exhibits to go with the 20-page Complaint that I was told to prepare.  Mr. Settles would not allow my evidence to be brought in to the DA’s Office.  I grabbed my iPhone and note pad, and I asked if my friends could come, and he said no.  He took me into the Grand Jury Room where Broadbent was seated at a small conference table.  The room was otherwise empty.

I was told by Mr. Settles and Mr. Broadbent that they did not know where I got the idea that I had been invited to come back to present.  I recounted the exact discussion that was held in front of the entire Grand Jury.  They appeared to have all of my faxed letters in front of them with yellow highlighter over select sentences.  I reminded Mr. Settles that as I left the Grand Jury Room on the 19th, my last words to him were: “I’ll be back with the 20-pages and my evidence on Tuesday.”

Mr. Settles threatened me with a lawsuit for defamation.  He said a letter that I faxed to Mrs. Rebecca Keel saying I suspected that Settles and Broadbent had slandered me to the Grand Jurors constituted defamation. Mr. Settles said that if he saw his name in print again, he would sue me.

Mr. Settles and Mr. Broadbent did a lot of lying in the short meeting. As I got up to leave, Mr. Settles told me to be careful what I said about the meeting because there was a reason there were two of them in the room and only me.  It was clear to me that they planned to lie about what happened and it would be two against one.

I returned to try to see the Grand Jury on August 26, 2011.  I was again rudely told to sit down in the elevator lobby, so I did.  No one ever spoke with me, and the Grand Jury left at noonish.

The jury tampering reached a climax on Tuesday, August 30, 2011 (last day for this Grand Jury Session) when I was ordered to leave the Fulton County Courthouse and never again set foot on the 3rd, 4th, or 7th floor or I would be arrested on sight.  This came from an officer of the court, Ms. Cynthia Nwokocha.  She gave me a “Criminal Trespass Warning” for being in the elevator lobby outside the DA’s Office waiting to present my evidence to the Grand Jury.  I was “escorted” from the building by three armed Fulton County Deputy Sheriffs.

I was accused of criminal trespassing in alleged violation of O.C.G.A. § 16-7-21.  I did nothing, and I have a host of witnesses.  I have reviewed O.C.G.A. § 16-7-21, and it cannot possibly apply to me or anyone else in a government building for lawful reasons.

I have contacted you to inform you of what is going on and to seek three things:

  1. I need a Court Order stating that it is not criminal trespassing for me or anyone else to visit the elevator lobby on the third floor of 136 Pryor Street to make criminal charges and evidence available to the Grand Jury.
  2. I ask that some of the Grand Jurors be brought in to find out exactly what happened behind closed doors.  I request the opportunity to question them as I know who said what when I was there. If there are tape recordings of the sessions when I was there or discussed, we should hear them.
  3. I want an “engraved invitation” to present my charges to the new Grand Jury.  I need you or the judge who swore them in to speak to the Grand Jurors to ensure that there is no jury tampering before I present.  I will be presenting charges against the Office of the District Attorney, among others, so the DA’s staff needs to be excluded from the session.

The best solution to all of this would be for a Special Grand Jury to be impaneled to investigate this corruption.  This would require a signed petition from an elected official to Chief Judge Wright and then a vote of all the Superior Court judges.  If Judge Russell, Judge Schwall, and you would sign the petition, it should go a long way toward encouraging other judges to do the same.  Unfortunately, my experience is that judges and those in law enforcement cover up for their peers.  When I meet with the new Grand Jury, I will encourage them to issue a Presentment to Judge Wright asking for a Special Grand Jury.

Please have someone call me. My cell phone is 404-606-1885. I can be there in 40 minutes with the evidence.


William M. Windsor


So, we’ll see what happens.  I know it may be silly to get enthused about having anything left in the hands of a judge, but I guess I am still an optinmist at heart.

I have postponed the protests at the Courthouse tomorrow.  I felt it would be best to cool it until we see what Judge Lee does.

 If I can parlay my “Criminal Trespass Warning” and all of the jury tampering into a red carpet welcome by this new Grand Jury, then this hassle will be well worth it.  My strategy has always been to try things, document everything, and set up the judges and DA’s Office to do wrongs.  Every criminal act and bit of wrongdoing just adds to the story.

Someone said I am kind of like a bull in a china closet.  I respectfully disagreed.  I don’t go around bumping into things and breaking them.  I’d say my legal strategy is more of a Scorched Earth, Take No Prisoners Strategy.  I’m as nice as can be until a judge, DA, or law enforcement person screws me, and then it’s Scorched Earth.  I will go straight at them without fear. 

Sabrina Felton and I are coordinating on this effort.  I figure Sabrina will get to present to the Grand Jury, too.  It’s now in the hands of first-year Judge Kelly Lee.  Her clerk told me at 4:15 pm on Deptember 2, 2011 to expect to hear from the judge on Tuesday, September 5.

William M. Windsor

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