Proof of the False Sworn Pleadings Filed Against Me by Maid of the Mist

My saga began on August 25, 2005 when Christopher Glynn, President of Maid of the Mist in Niagara Falls, signed an affidavit that consisted of 50 paragraphs  46 of those SWORN statements were false.  I have proven them false with Glynn’s subsequent testimony and the testimony of his fellow managers, Timothy P. Ruddy and Robert J. Schul.

Here is the documentation filed with the Court that references various depositions and other evidence that is on the record that proves the false sworn complaint.

Judge Evans never discussed this.  Refused to consider it.  She refused over 30 attempts on my part to get a hearing or a conference to discuss it.  When it was raised in her presence, she said she wasn’t gpoing to discuss it.  So, she allowed massive perjury.

I began trying to reopen this case in 2009, and Judge Evans has continued to lie about everything.  Maid of the Mist has never filed an affidavit even attempting to dispute any of my sworn statements.

This is a case in which the Plaintiffs, Maid of the Mist, their attorneys, and the federal judges have all committed a significant number of criminal offenses.  And there isn’t a government authority that will do a thing about it.

Judge Evans granted a summary judgment as if the complaint was valid.  She did so for corrupt reasons.  Her order is simply fantasy, and the record of the court proves it.  Here is documentation of her Summary Judgment Order.

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