Open Letter to Georgia House and Senate: Clean Up the Corruption In Georgia Now, or we will rally to remove you from office!


A special Investigative Report was released this week declaring Georgia to be the most Corrupt of the 50 states.  What a disgrace.

Well, on behalf of my fellow citizens of Georgia, I am demanding that every member of the Georgia House and Georgia Senate act immediately to fix this.

I previously provided each of the legislators with 17 proposed amendments that will clean up the state.  Not a single legislator responded.  Well, it’s time for them to respond.  Here is my latest letter to them….


Elected Members of the Georgia House and Senate:

I am sure you have seen the Investigative Report that just came out reporting that Georgia is the most corrupt state — Georgia ranked as The Most Corrupt of the 50 States.  Please read this article, and please act upon it.  This investigative report did not even look at the actions of judges.  If it had, the ranking would have been far worse.

It is waaay past time for honest elected officials to clean up our state.  I have previously sent each of you 17 proposed amendments that will clean up our legal and judicial system and will provide a mechanism for minimizing all forms of government corruption.  Not a one of you has responded.  This is absolutely unacceptable.

I’m no longer asking.  I am DEMANDING that you folks get together and waive the rules or do whatever is necessary to deal with these amendments in this session.  I am also demanding that you immediately schedule hearings to investigate the many crimes by Georgia judges, attorneys, district attorneys, and their staffs that I have already reported to you as well as hundreds of others that have been brought to my attention.

The proposed amendments that I have sent to you are all common sense things that will clean up most of the corruption in the legal system and the judiciary.  It’s time for fairness in our legal system.  Something we were all taught that we have when we were in school.  But we don’t.

The issues are totally non-partisan, so there shouldn’t be any excuses.  Ignore these proposed amendments, and you will be saying to all of us that you support allowing judges and elected officials to commit crimes at will and destroy the lives of innocent people; that you support allowing abuse of the elderly and children in probate court and family court actions that are riddled with corruption; that you support allowing attorneys to lie and cheat and break all the rules; that you support the complete lack of fundamental rights under the Constitution.


When I interviewed Senator Donzella James at the Capitol two weeks ago, she indicated to me that she would consider calling for hearings into the judicial corruption.  She said she would need to investigate and see evidence first.  I sent her undeniable proof of many criminal acts.  So I was shocked when her assistant called late today asking me to remove the video due to a “flood” of calls.  I suspect these were calls from the guilty judges and others who will do anything to avoid indictment, arrest, conviction, imprisonment, and impeachment.  YOU must not allow these corrupt government officials to get away with this for another day!  It is your obligation pursuant to your oath of office.

Below are links to several news reports about just what happened in blocking me from continuing my testimony before the Fulton County Grand Jury.  I have undeniable evidence of these felonies, including a videotape and an audiotape of what took place in the public elevator lobby when I was removed from the building so the Grand Jury would not receive the evidence that should have caused the indictment of approximately 16 judges, the Fulton County District Attorney, and others.  I have sworn affidavits from witnesses. 

You will have absolutely no problem determining that everything that I have said is true.  If you conduct hearings, there will be hundreds of people who would like to testify.

The simple truth is that the judges and district attorney in Fulton County are dishonest and/or corrupt.

Here are the stories and evidence of my Grand Jury experience:

Windsor to be ARRESTED if he speaks to a Fulton County Grand Juror

Windsor forcibly removed from Fulton County Courthouse and charged with Criminal Trespassing

Windsor files Criminal Charges against Fulton County Georgia Politician Steve Broadbent

Fulton County District Attorney Investigator Cynthia Nwokocha to stand Trial in Georgia for Threats against William M. Windsor.  Judge Stephanie Davis did not show up for the trial; she sent a secretary in to hand me an order dismissing the case.  All of my motions filed that day and thereafter have never been docketed, and Judge Davis is nonresponsive.

Judge Jerry W. Baxter dismisses Windsor Civil Action without any justification so he can protect the crooks.  This article has the verified complaint and all the evidence as links to pdf files.  Judge Cynthia Wright, Judge Kelly Amanda Lee, and the Court of Appeals have all covered this up and have refused to do anything about it.

This is just one of perhaps hundreds of thousands of cases of corruption involving Georgia judges.  The legal systems and judicial systems in Georgia must be fixed.  Dishonesty and corruption have stolen the rights of every citizen.

You are now on official notice pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 4 that you have a duty to report to law enforcement the felonies that I have detailed.  You also have a duty to pass these amendments and end the dishonesty and corruption that has devastated the lives of so many in Georgia.  I don’t mean to sound rude, but I do believe in being up front:  If you personally do not act upon this, I assure you that I, and tens of thousands of others, will work actively to try to get you removed from office.  We have no place at the Capitol for those who are corrupt or who turn a blind eye to the corruption of others.


William M. Windsor

Proposed Legislation

This Microsoft Word file contains the proposed amendments, but tthe links below have the most up-to-date proposal:

Proposed Legislation – Part 1

Proposed Legislation – Part 2

Proposed Legislation – Part 3

Proposed Legislation – Part 4

Proposed Legislation – Part 5

Proposed Legislation – Part 6

Proposed Legislation – Part 7

Proposed Legislation – Part 8

Proposed Legislation – Part 9

Proposed Legislation – Part 10

Proposed Legislation – Part 11

Proposed Legislation – Part 12

Proposed Legislation – Part 13

Proposed Legislation – Part 14

Proposed Legislation – Part 15

Proposed Legislation – Part 16

Proposed Legislation – Part 17

This legislation is authored by William M. Windsor and GRIP — Government Reform & Integrity Platform, a coalition of those fighting government corruption and judicial corruption.

William M. Windsor

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