Murder by Child Protective Services in Great Falls Montana


Murder by Child Protective Services in Great Falls Montana.

Two-year-old October Perez was murdered, and CPS was responsible.

See 70 crime scene photos taken by the police at the tiny little house where October was tortured for months and finally murdered by David Wayne Hyslop.

These photos on Facebook have had the biggest response we have ever had to any story.  918,537 clicks at 2:30 am CDT on September 2, 2015.  The photos were posted the evening of August 31, 2015.

These are 70 of approximately 300 actual crime scene photos taken by the Great Falls Police Department.  The photos were given to the family, and they provided them to me for use in the movie.

In addition to a sit-down interview with grandmother April Hall, Lawless America traveled to Great Falls Montana to film at the house where October Perez was murdered, at the school she would have attended, at the CPS office, at the courthouse, outside the office of the DA who didn’t file charges against the mother, at the emergency room where April Hall took October when she discovered she had a broken arm, and at a crosswalk 100-feet from October’s home that cautioned people to be careful of children.


Kristy Phipps aka Kristy Perez was October’s mother. 

Kristy Phipps lived 0n the 300-square-foot main floor of a house with David Hyslop. 

October was usually kept in the 300-square foot dungeon of a basement. 

There is no way that Kristy Phipps could not have heard the abuse.

When you look at the horrible photos, please realize that neither October’s biological father nor her grandmother, April Hall, ever saw inside this house. 

October’s father, Michael Arndt, was in Afghanistan for a year.  He tried to get CPS and the police to act from there, but they told him everything was okay. 

Grandmother April Hall had very limited time with October, and they tossed her out the front door to April.  She tried again and again to get someone to do something.  She had no idea how horrendous the situation was..


2-year-old October Perez was murdered, and CPS was responsible. These are crime scene photos taken by the police of the…

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was originally published June 24, 2011.

A Great Falls man accused of inflicting fatal injuries on a 2-year-old girl has been charged with deliberate homicide, according to documents submitted by the Cascade County Attorney’s Office.

David Wayne Hyslop, 28, was charged last Friday with attempted deliberate homicide when the girl, October Perez, was in critical condition at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City.

Court documents state that the child was pronounced dead on Saturday, June 25 at 1:28 a.m. Hyslop’s charges were then amended to deliberate homicide.

An affidavit filed by County Attorney John Parker states an autopsy of the child performed Monday morning concluded that October Perez had died of blunt force trauma resulting in severe swelling of the brain. The autopsy also revealed other injuries, including a spinal fracture that would have paralyzed her, court documents state.

Police believe that David Hyslop inflicted multiple injuries to October Perez on the evening of June 23 while he was watching her. At the time, David Hyslop was the boyfriend of Perez’s mother, Kristy Phipps aka Kristy Perez.

Kristy Phipps called 9-1-1 after she came home to discover October Perez wasn’t breathing.  David Hyslop would later tell police he knew the girl was injured but left her in her room for “a lengthy period of time,” according to court documents

Medical staff noted massive head trauma and multiple bone fractures, which prompted them to send her to Salt Lake City.

The staff at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City attempted to treat the child, but the damage was too severe.  October Perez’s brain was swelling inside of her skull, court documents state.

Emergency room staff members at Benefis Health System initially were told that October Perez had tripped and fallen on the sidewalk, but they determined that the toddler’s injuries were not consistent with that claim, court documents state.  David Hyslop would later tell police that he had dropped her on her head when trying to put her down for a nap.  Police also cited an unnamed witness who told them that he heard what sounded like “striking” noises coming from the basement of the house, located at 1305 4th Ave. S, Great Falls, Montana.

Police said previously that they were sent to the same address in February to investigate alleged abuse.  October Perez had sustained a broken arm, but doctors were unable to determine whether the injury was caused by abuse or by accident, police said.  The investigation was turned over to the Department of Public Health and Human Services’ Child and Family Services Division aka CPS.

Court documents state that David Hyslop’s own children were removed from his care in 2003 when he lived in Oklahoma after he was arrested on a felony drug charge.  David Hyslop has lived in Montana since November 2010.




Associated Press | Posted: Friday, June 29, 2012 12:00 am

GREAT FALLS, Montana – A Great Falls man convicted of killing his girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter a year ago has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

David Wayne Hyslop was sentenced Wednesday by District Judge Julie Macek, who called the injuries suffered by October Perez “nothing short of horrific.”

David Hyslop was found guilty in May of deliberate homicide in the girl’s death in a Utah hospital on June 25, 2011 – two days after her mother, Kristy Phipps aka Kristy Perez, called 911 to report she came home and found her daughter lying on her bed, unresponsive.

“While she literally gasped and struggled for breath, you … took a nap and didn’t lift one finger to help her,” Judge Julie Macek told David Hyslop.

Judge Julie Macek also ordered David Hyslop to pay nearly $14,000 in restitution to October’s father, Michael Arndt, who was deployed in Afghanistan, for the loss of income and other expenses related to the girl’s injury and death.

October Perez died of head injuries that caused her brain to swell, prosecutors said.  An autopsy also revealed she had a broken spine and healing fractures on both arms, although evidence presented at trial did not determine who was responsible for the previous injuries.

Cascade County Attorney John Parker sought the life sentence without parole, asking Judge Julie Macek to spare October Perez’s family the ordeal of having to beg future parole boards to keep David Hyslop in prison.

David Hyslop’s attorney, Larry LaFountain, sought a 10-year sentence, saying he did not believe his client was guilty.




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