Montana Protective Order RESTRAINS First Amendment


Montana Protective Order RESTRAINS First Amendment.

It is no breaking news to me that the State of Montana is very corrupt. Montana was my first exposure to how corruption works among Judges, Cops, County Attorneys, the Governor and ‘’officials’’ at every level...

This article was written by Crystal Cox:

It is no breaking news to me that the State of Montana is very corrupt. Montana was my first exposure to how corruption works among Judges, Cops, County Attorneys, the Governor and ‘’officials’’ at every level.

However it was a shock to me that Montana seems to be acting as it’s own country, completely outside of the U.S Constitution. And with total disregard of Civil Rights, the Bill of Rights, Due Process Laws and the Constitutional Rights of ALL.

Protective Orders are meant to protect real victims from real threats.

However, in Montana, protective orders are not mutual and stalking often ends in murder. Victims do not seem to have any rights in Montana.  And, in fact, are not victims as per Montana Law, unless a crime has been committed. Now keep in mind a crime is not committed unless a Judge agrees that there has been a crime and you are a victim of it.

Special Rights for Some

However, when some say they are afraid, or act as if they are the victim though the record clearly shows they are the aggressor, these folks get protective orders while those they clearly victimized are not able to get protection from Montana Judges.

This happened to me, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox reporting on Montana Corruption. It happened to Michael Spreadbury exposing / reporting on Montana Corruption and it has happened to Bill Windsor for years.

Bill Windsor is a man whom I met online years ago. He had found my anti-corruption blogs about Montana corruption and we chatted a bit. After this he was to film people across the United States and get their stories of Judicial Corruption. He asked me if I wanted to be one of those, and I said I did.

After this, a man named Sean Boushie at the University of Montana, who I had reported to Montana Judges and Law Enforcement in several Counties and the then Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock for threatening to kill me, stalking me, harassing me and endangering me, well this man emailed Mr. Windsor and asked where I would be filmed at.

I had told Bill Windsor the story of my reporting on a corrupt Sheriff in Lincoln County Montana and this man Sean Boushie, whose father used to be my neighbor and whose father in law is Paul Stramer, someone that Montana Law enforcement does not like due to something surrounding what they call the Montana Militia incident, of which I still don’t understand the details of or why it even matters today.

I had told Bill Windsor about trying to get a protective order in 3 Montana Counties, that would be Ravalli County, Lincoln County and Missoula County. And that I was denied and the police had done nothing to help me. At this time we were running a sheriff recall in Lincoln County Montana and what I was reporting on was the RAMPANT, seemingly legal, culture of Rape in Montana. I had seen 40 cases, spoke with the cops, read documents and the county was doing nothing to prosecute. This is what started my online reporting about law enforcement. This led to reporting on widespread rapes in Missoula, Hamilton, Libby, Eureka and more at that time.  Which later this story really broke out when the Department of Justice came to the University of Montana and investigated the, what seemed to be, massive outbreak of rapes.

Bill Windsor did not know a lot about my reporting, just enough to ask me if I wanted to be included in his documentary. He did, however, know enough to know I was in danger, and when Sean Boushie asked him where I would be filed at, he knew it was to harm me. So Bill Windsor sent me the email and he reported this to many authorities all of which ignored him, and began to then harass, defame, taunt and attack him.

Bill Windsor then began getting attacked by the same people who were attacking me and Hamilton Montana Anti-Corruption blogger Michael Spreadbury, then Montana Judges, Cops and others in authority targeted him, so did the University of Montana. And all to attempt to contain the story of the dept of corruption in Hamilton Montana, Libby Montana, and Missoula Montana, which of course spread throughout the State of Montana.

There is a massive record of what Sean Boushie of the University of Montana, Montana Law Enforcement and Montana Judges have done to torment, harass, retaliate, and arrest Bill Windsor of Lawless America. And all because he picked up our story, and in the process created a story of his own of Montana Corruption that is unmatched.

Montana Famous for Unconstitutional Protective Orders

Montana is now INFAMOUS for the unethical, unconstitutional use of Protective Orders to suppress speech, stop the flow of information, shut down blogs, jail reporters and flat out use a restraining order to stop gripe sites, stop reporting on Montana corruption, stop journalism on public issues and to maliciously prosecute and persecute whistleblowers telling a 100% accurate, highly documents, very detailed story of just how far Montana Judges, cops, County Attorneys, Politicians and the University of Montana will go to PROTECT the Culture of Corruption and Rampant Organized Crime in the State of Montana.

So Why Does the First Amendment not TRUMP Montana Protective Orders?

Now we all know that the First Amendment protects Free Speech, even hate speech which is often quite sad, such as the hateful protests at military funerals of the Westboro Church. However, this is Free Speech, and therefore seems to be not only legal but constitutionally protected.

Yet in Montana when you have a blog, a website, an alternative newspaper, or say a Film Production company and you report on the TRUTH of Montana Corruption, then you HAVE No First Amendment Rights.

This was clearly evident in my Oregon case, Obsidian v. Cox. It is clear that JUDGES will easily rule that YOU have no First Amendment Rights, and allege it’s a matter of law, and all because you are reporting on corruption Judges, Cops, Politicians, Lawyers and more.

Anti-Corruption Bloggers, Anti-Corruption Film Producers and Journalist, Citizen Journalists and Whistleblowers need First Amendment protection above all, as they are reporting on what affects us all as a nation, as a world. We have a right to information and the use of a Montana Protective order to get around the First Amendment Rights of the person reporting on Montana corruption, is clearly unlawful, unethical and seriously unconstitutional.

The Ninth Circuit has CLEARLY ruled that all citizens have equal rights to report and to even break the news. Especially in my Ninth Circuit Ruling of Obsidian v. Cox.  The Ninth Circuit and the Supreme Court of the U.S has ruled in favor of the First Amendment and Free Speech over and over again.

However, in Montana, which is above the constitutional rights of Montana citizens or of those who come into Montana or report on corruption Judges, County Attorneys, Cops and more use protective orders to STOP the flow of information, another words, to flat out SHUT DOWN reporters that dare to tell the dirty secrets of Montana Judges, Governors past and present, Attorney Generals and more.

Bill Windsor has dedicated his life to exposing corruption, as have I to the best of my ability.

It is the right, and possibly the duty, of every one of us to tell on, to report on those in our community or the public at large that are acting unconstitutional, unethical or unlawful.

If Montana attorneys try and represent folks like me, Crystal Cox or Bill Windsor or say Michael Spreadbury; those of us outspoken in exposing Montana Corruption, well those attorneys are threatened, they may take their license, they threaten their family and they do their most famous maneuver to cover up organized crime in Montana which we call Economic Terrorism.

So why Montana? You may think it a Sleepy little state. However, Montana has a lot of political secrets and a whole lot of land to hide it in. Rumsfeld, among many other big name politicians have ranches in Montana, and they gather there for a reason.

Learn all you can on the William M. Windsor story. As he is representative of and standing for all of us who report on corruption and are persecuted by the ‘’authorities’’ that are suppose to protect us, such as Judges, Cops, Chief of Police, County Attorneys, Governors, and Attorney General past and present and more.


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