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Bill Windsor files new criminal charges against Sean Boushie

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On May 27, 2015, William M. Windsor filed 22 criminal charges against Sean Boushie with the Missoula Police Department and the Missoula County Attorney’s Office.

We shall now see if these folks are the wonderful law-abiding civil servants who I hope they are...

The letter below is a matter of public record:

Ms. Jennifer Clark, Master Tyler Dugger, and Detective Chris Shermer:

I request a meeting with Detective Chris Shermer to present my criminal charges against Sean Boushie for false swearing, perjury, and false statements to the police.

I have detailed 22 counts.;bill-windsor-will-be-posting-his-newest-criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-online-for-the-police&catid=1;latest-news

I respectfully submit that there are many ways for you to determine that Sean Boushie is a criminal.  But, for starters, please subpoena the following:
Google:  All information about the user of the following email addresses/accounts, including name, contact information, and IP addresses:
Yahoo: All information about the user of the following email addresses, including name, contact information, and IP addresses:
Verizon: Subpoena all information about Sean Boushie’s cell phone.  Most of the emails were sent from a Blackberry using Verizon.  Boushie has a Blackberry.  If they by any chance have records of his emails, bingo.  Maybe they at least can say that Verizon would have picked up the IP addresses that were repeatedly used in Boushie’s emails.  Neither Crystal Cox nor I have had a Blackberry, and we weren’t in this area.
Verizon: Subpoena all information for my number, currently confidential.  If they still have records of calls for 2012 and 2013, they will show that I never called Boushie.
University of Montana: Obtain information for these University of Montana IP addresses that Crystal Cox and I have captured on emails from Sean Boushie: (2-27-2010 at 3:15 pm); (9-13-2012 at 9:03 am and again at 12:38 pm and again at 1:34 pm); (1-17-2013 at 2:24 pm); (2-15-13).  Confirm with your IT gurus that there is no way to send an email from a University of Montana computer without being at the University of Montana.  Neither Crystal Cox nor I were ever there.
Call (my ex-wife) at 404-###-#### and confirm that I did not have a gun in Montana in August 2013 because it was in her home from April 2013 until December 6, 2013. 
Obtain registration information for  This was a website operated by Sean Boushie to attack Crystal Cox.
Subpoena information for Sean Boushie’s home telephone number that he claims he disconnected because of all the calls I made to him.  What was the number?  When was it disconnected?  What was the telephone company told?  Where are there 911 calls or other reports of this alleged activity?
Request information from Sean Boushie:  Ask Sean Boushie for evidence of the unsuspecting people that I emailed accusing them of harassment or crimes.  Ask Sean Boushie for evidence of any frivolous legal action I ever filed with attempts to obtain legal settlements.  Ask for evidence of the requests for legal settlements.  Ask Sean Boushie for evidence that I took over Crystal Cox’s list of victims and that I was hired to harass them.
Do a forensic examination of my laptop.  Confirm that I never faked any emails, etc.
Review my polygraph examination results.  This will confirm that I never knowingly or purposely did anything to violate a protective order.  I never had a gun in Montana.  I never did anything pretending to be Sean Boushie. 
You have me charged with five crimes, all of which were set up by the criminal acts of Sean Boushie.  Unless some higher powers have told you to pursue these actions against me, you have a duty to confirm that Sean Boushie is the criminal.  And, his crimes are much more serious than what you have charged me with.  So, go arrest him.
Detective Shermer, please let me know when I can come meet with you, obtain a police report number, etc.  Thank you.
Bill Windsor

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