Missoula Montana County Attorney Jennifer Clark files another false court pleading


Missoula Montana County Attorney Jennifer Clark has filed another false court pleading.

Jennifer Clark and Missoula Police Department Detective Chris Shermer laughed in Bill Windsor‘s face about the U.S. Attorney for Montana considering criminal charges against him for Tweeting, emailing, publishing, and producing a movie.

Bill Windsor heard exactly what they said as did attorney Christopher Daly.  But, once again, Missoula County Attorney Jennifer S. Clark presented false information to the Court…

 I have fully documented the facts to Jennifer Clark and in articles published on

Chris Shermer came into the Missoula County Attorney’s Office on August 17, 2015 laughing.  He looked at me with a big ****-eating grin on his face, and said, “did you know you have committed federal crimes?”  I told him I had never committed a crime.  He said that by putting things on the Internet from Texas, I was in interstate commerce, and that made it federal crimes. (This would mean a potential sentence of 30 years in prison, meaning life for an old codger like me.)

Then after the last of the witness interviews for the day, Jennifer Clark turned to me with a laughing face and asked me if Chris Shermer had discussed the federal matter with me.  I said he had.  Then she said she had spoken with the U.S. Attorney’s Office about it.  I asked what they were going to do, and she replied that I would have to hear that from them.  Attorney Christopher Daly who was there from the Missoula Public Defender’s Office told me I would know when U.S. Marshals arrested me.  BIG, BIG smiles on the faces of Jennifer S. Clark and Chris Shermer.  Christopher Daly has provided a statement confirming what took place.

Then this afternoon, Jennifer Clark filed a response to my motion that informed Judge James A. Haynes about this.  In her court filing, attorney Jennifer Clark states: “Neither the State nor the police department told Mr. Windsor that the U.S. Attorney’s Office was considering making this a federal case.”  Here’s Jennifer Clark’s court filing

Being as charitable as possible to attorney Jennifer Clark, this is a line from the Bill Clinton Book of Honesty and Attorney Liars Manual 101: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”  “Receiving oral sex is not sexual relations.”

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Neither Jennifer Clark nor Chris Shermer used the exact words that she included in her court filing.  But, Rule 3.3 of the Montana Rules of Professional Conduct requires “candor to the tribunal.”  Candor is defined as “the state or quality of being frank, open, and sincere in speech or expression.”  There is nothing frank, open, or sincere in deceiving the Court about what took place.  Jennifer Clark is a liar.  She is a typical litigator attorney who lies for a living.  She is a typical prosecuting attorney who ignores the facts and the law and tries to win at all costs even when she knows she is totally in the wrong, as she is in this case.

Man who bludgeoned his wife to death: “I did not beat that woman to death with a hammer on Thursday.”

It was Wednesday.

This is an example of how words are used to lie.



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Missoula County Attorney and Missoula Police Detective Chris Shermer have ruined a man’s life, violated civil and constitutional rights and all based on MASSIVE “Factual Inaccuracy.”

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