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Mainstream Media Coverage of Lawless America Movie: FRONT PAGE STORY in Elmira Star Gazette

new-york-vestal-wetm-tv-lawless-america-movie-2012-07-19 005-200w

Ray Finger of the Elmira New York daily newspaper, the Star Gazette, has written a story about Lawless America…The Movie that appears on the front page of the newspaper today!

In the last week, Bill Windsor has been interviewed by radio stations, TV stations, and newspapers in a number of cities and towns.

Here is the front page story from the Elmira Gazette:


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Filmmaker and activist William Windsor is a man on a mission, and that mission brought him to Elmira on Thursday as he seeks to battle what he calls 14 categories of corruption.


“Our challenge is to educate and reach a million-plus people,” said Windsor, who started June 14 on a 143-day trip through all 50 states to work on “Lawless America – The Movie.”


“I’m having trouble knowing what day of the week it is. I usually know what state I’m in, but not always,” he said with a chuckle as he prepared to begin filming Thursday at St. Joseph’s Boulevard and High Street.


Through the project, he is recording the stories of people who say they are victims of judicial and governmental corruption.


“The name ‘Lawless America’ was developed not to say our country is lawless or that we have a lot of lawless people,” he said.


“It’s to say that we have laws and they aren’t enforced, and we have people who are supposed to enforce the law and they don’t do the right thing, so they’re lawless. The judges change the law at a moment’s notice.”


The subject of his stop in Elmira was Sara Harvey of Horseheads, who claims Chemung County is guilty of guardianship abuse.


Her husband, Gary Harvey, suffered a traumatic brain injury following a heart attack and subsequent fall down a flight of basement stairs in January 2006. He remains in a persistent vegetative state.


She had sought legal guardianship of her husband, but the county Department of Social Services was appointed as his legal guardian indefinitely.


“I want my husband back. I want to expose the corruption of the courts,” Sara Harvey said Thursday. The attorneys involved represent the guardian, the hospital and the county, she said.


“There’s nobody there to protect my husband.”


She was contacted by Windsor and invited to be part of his film. Harvey hopes it will be another way to get attention focused on her case, as well as those of other people.


“I want a voice for everybody that this is happening to,” she said. “It’s not just my husband.”


Windsor called the Harveys’ situation a horrible story.


“He has no business having a guardian other than his loving wife,” he said.

“From my experience with the people I’ve filmed for guardian abuse, they go for the money. Guardians get put in place when you have family members that are ready, willing and able to do it and care for their loved ones,” he said.

Victims end up getting bled dry of their money, he said. “That’s a disgrace, and we have to try to expose it.”

To hear Windsor talk about the American legal system, it’s clear he has no faith in it.

“In our country, basically all of our judges are at least dishonest, if not corrupt. Now, I say that because I’m the leading authority in the country on judicial corruption, and I see it everywhere,” he said.

“It’s no secret in any of the courthouses. The judges basically do whatever they want.”

Windsor, who is himself an independent candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, said elected officials generally provide no help.

“We invite every elected member of the legislature in each state to come out and be interviewed. We’ve had two so far out of about 20 states – Kentucky and New Hampshire,” he said.

“These people ignore the fact that all these problems exist, and most of the mainstream media in the country refuses to cover it,” he said.

He films three minutes of testimony from each person he interviews that will be provided to their representatives in Congress.

He plans to invite every member of the U.S. House and Senate to meet him in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 9, where their constituents will hand-deliver 35 hours of testimony, he said.

With his trip about a quarter of the way done, Windsor has so far filmed 3 terabytes, equivalent to 3,072 gigabytes, digitally for the movie. He plans to finish the project in Atlanta, where he lives, on Nov. 3 – not coincidentally right before the election, he said.

He expects to start serious editing in January, based on a target list of sound bites. He expects the movie to be out by June.

Star Gazette Slideshow

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Ray Finger interviews Sara Harvey

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