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Mainstream Media Coverage of Lawless America Movie: WETM-TV – Film Maker Stops In Elmria To Expose Injustices

new-york-vestal-wetm-tv-lawless-america-movie-2012-07-19 003-200w

As I drove into Elmira, New York this morning, I was greeted by a telephone call from a reporter for the daily newspaper.

When I arrived at the location where I was to film outside St. Joseph’s Hospital, the newspaper reporter was there, and a TV reporter from WETM-TV pulled up.  Ths makes Elmira our favorite media market!

Here’s the story and the video that appeared on WETM-TV….

Elmira, N.Y. – A documentary film maker says he stopped in Elmira, Thursday, to as he said “Expose injustice within the Chemung County Court System and St. Joseph‘s Hospital”.  Click here to see the video.

Film maker William Windsor came to Elmira Thursday to meet with Horseheads woman Sarah Harvey.

She claims she’s been wronged by Chemung County Court and St. Joseph‘s Hospital.

In 2009, Harvey‘s husband Gary Harvey suffered a traumatic brain injury after he fell down their basement stairs. He’s been in a vegetative state at St. Joe’s Hospital.

Since then, Sarah says she’s lost guardianship of her husband to Chemung County for no reason. She can no longer make decisions for her husband and, she says, he’s been denied proper care.

Windsor says his film “Lawless America” is a collection of stories similar to the Harvey‘s aimed to expose these injustices.

Windsor said, “She’s concerned with his well being. How can you be concerned with someone’s well being and people outside your family takes away your right. I mean it just doesn’t work.”

Sarah Harvey said, “I want my husband back. I want to expose the corruption of the courts.”

An attorney for Chemung County, Don Thompson, says Gary Harvey has not been mistreated by the county.

He says the courts mandated the county take guardianship. This happened after a series of events involving Sarah Harvey where the court decided she was no longer fit to provide proper care for her husband.

A spokesperson for St. Joe’s Hospital says they have no comment about the situation at this time.

Attribution: WETM-TV

new-york-vestal-wetm-tv-lawless-america-movie-2012-07-19 003-640w
Bobby Brooks of WETM-TV films Sara Harvey as newspaper reporter looks on.
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WETM — NBC TV in Elmira, New York — My favorite TV station!
new-york-vestal-wetm-tv-lawless-america-movie-2012-07-19 005-640w
Sara Harvey points to the St. Jospeh’s Hospital room in Elmira, New York where she says her husband is being improperly held.

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