Lawless America…The Movie — This Movie will be HUGE! What You can do to Help


To say that Lawless America…The Movie has great momentum would be a gross understatement.

I am hearing from new people now at the rate of at least 20 a day.  Over 500 people have now made themselves available to be interviewed.  Sandy Fonzo, whose son committed suicide in the Kids-for-Cash scandal, will be in the movie, and today I heard from Matt Taylor and his mother, Donna.  Matt was shot at Columbine, and now he and his mother are the victims of government corruption.  They will be interviewed in Colorado.  Just as important wil be people like wrongly-convicted Katherine Conner in St. Feliciana Parish in Louisiana and the amazing ladies of the Mink Squad in Rhode Island.

The enthusiasm that so many are showing is due to the belief that this movie will make a difference!  It can, but we really, really, really need just a little bit of help from someone in each state.

This is what we need in each state:

  1. We need a database of the members of the state legislature with mailing addresses, email addresses, and fax numbers.  Someone will have this if it isn’t available from your state government.  Ask a lobbyist as they are sure to have it.  We will use this to send invitations to be interviewed, and we will use it to distribute the video that we produce of the testimony of all interviewed in the state
  2. We need a database of the media in your state.  We need email addresses and fax numbers.  We will use this to send news releases.
  3. We need someone to contact the Radio-TV-Film department or professors at colleges and universities in the capital city.  We want to use local students on the production of the movie in each city.  The students will not be paid, but they will be listed in the credits in the movie after getting real-world experience.
  4. We want to be sure that we have the best people around to be interviewed, so please take a look at the list of people scheduled to be interviewed, and please email Bill@LawlessAmerica.com with names and contact information for others who you feel should be in the movie.
  5. We need someone to coordinate things the two days we will be in the capital city.
    1. The main duty for this person is to coordinate things at the Capitol and courthouse(s) on the days we are in town.  This will consist of being our local contact, being there first thing each morning to meet and greet those arriving to be in the movie, obtaining signed Release Forms from each participant, etc.
    2. We ask this coordinator to call everyone scheduled to be interviewed a few days before the filming to make sure they are all set.
    3. We need help right now from these folks by having them call the people scheduled in their state who have not yet returned their three-minute written script for the “testimony” portion of their filming.
    4. We may ask this coordinator to get us appointments with some government officials, judicial personnel, and the Bar Association.
    5. Anything this person can do to help us get crowds there while we are in town will be great!

Please be sure to read the latest update on the movie.

This is OUR MOVIE!  This movie and the 567 videos that we will also create should be invaluable in the battle against corruption.  Any ideas that you have to make the movie better will be greatly appreciated.

At this time, we could use any and all volunteers to help us edit the three-minute scripts.  I have found that most need to be edited.  So we could use some good writers (or if someone could find a college class that might like to take this as a project), as I find that I have to spend at least an hour rewriting many of the scripts that I receive.

Thanks, everyone.

William M. Windsor

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