Federal Judge Leo T. Sorkin charged with Corruption in Boston – He has no business as a speaker on the law


Chief Magistrate Leo T. Sorokin is the headliner for an event regarding “Criminal and Civil Practice Before Federal Magistrate Judges.”

 Corruption victim Laura J., McGarry asks these questions:

What will be the highlights of his lecture?  Will Chief Magistrate Leo T. Sorokin speak to how the Magistrate can promote criminal contempt by “Elite” attorneys with no consequence?  Will he speak to the fact that, if needed, the Magistrate can always involve other corrupt public servants from within the federal judiciary to help strip disabled Americans of their civil and constitutional rights; he should include how he managed to pull this off and still get promoted

Will Chief Magistrate Leo T. Sorokin be cautioning that with exposure of these types of ruses that other defense attorneys, both civil and criminal, who gain knowledge of the ruse, may come forwarded and ask for favors that will benefit them or their clients?  Will he be briefing the group on just exactly who the “elite” attorneys are in the Boston area who should suffer no consequence when they utilize “fraud upon the court” to ensure victory for their guilty clients?  He most certainly should provide the group with an example of “Elite” law firms and attorneys; I suggest that he mention the firm Jackson Lewis and attorneys Guy P. Tully and Brian M. Childs.

Does Chief Magistrate Leo T. Sorokin’s lecture include that no judge should ever worry about judicial misconduct because they are well covered by the corrupt public servants in the circuit executive office?  He should mention that Florence Pagano over at the Circuit Executive Office of the First Circuit excels in writing bogus judicial misconduct orders to the favor of any corrupt judge with her inactive law license!

Does Chief Magistrate Leo T. Sorokin’s lecture include how violation of Criminal Law under Title 18 does not apply to the magistrate judge or “elite” attorneys?

Does Chief Magistrate Leo T. Sorokin’s lecture include an overview of which clerks and staff attorneys to contact over at the appeals court when one needs to block a filing by a pro se litigant that may implicate misconduct if actually read by the circuit judges?  He should include that engaging the “Elite” attorneys in the blocking of filings over at the court of appeals is a very effective maneuver because they are beyond compare in excellence when it comes to ensuring a blocked filing and it doesn’t even matter if the filing fee was paid because they have all the right contacts where absolutely any filing can be blocked.

Will Chief Magistrate Leo T. Sorokin be instructing how to effectively block a case from a U.S. District Judge to enable a fraudulent finding of contempt and dismissal with prejudice of a disabled litigant’s action even when the assigned jurisdiction to the Magistrate was achieved through fraud with no “Elite” attorneys actually on the record?  Chief Magistrate Leo T. Sorokin needs to fully brief the folks at this lecture on the attributes of the Pro Se Staff Attorneys who are extremely skilled pathological liars; he should point out that Barbara Morse has no problem with the identity theft of a U.S. District Judge and that her skill is beyond compare because she is smart enough to engage the “Elite” attorneys when she needs to come up with a bogus opinion in a hurry.  Chief Magistrate Leo T. Sorokin would surely be negligent if he did not press during his lecture that each and every magistrate judge must fine tune his or her pathological lying skills; he needs to remind them that any oath of office is strictly just for show and that they have to be able to pull off lies even while sitting on the bench.

Chief Magistrate Leo T. Sorokin should review how scanning court documents before they are filed in the ECF System allows for the identity theft of the U.S. District Judge which really helps in denying those pesky pro se litigants access to the court and their constitutional rights.  OH, and be sure he includes how attorneys can effectuate a pretense litigation after they commit Title 18 criminal law violations over at a federal agency by never filing a notice of appearance in the case and that the corporation they represent is in a safe zone because there are plenty of corrupt employees in the federal judiciary who will offer effective assistance in carrying the ruse of pretense litigation.

Chief Magistrate Leo T. Sorokin needs to emphasize that the court’s general order that does not allow indigent litigants in actions against former or current employers access to the pro bono program calls for all due diligence in pulling off any and all corrupt tactics to get these cases dismissed because collusion with these “Elite” employment attorneys has the appearance of racketeering which as you know could be a significant problem.  Thank God for oppression and tyranny or folks in the judiciary and the legal community here in Massachusetts could actually spend time in prison, LOL.

The most important point he should make is that one can always get the corrupt Clerk of the Court, Sarah Allison Thornton, to direct the US Marshal to send out a certified letter that threatens criminal charges to anyone who actually thinks they have a “RIGHT” to bring a grievance before a court and legitimate proceedings; the aforementioned will surely stifle any pesky pro se litigant from any future attempt in reaching an honest public servant.

Chief Magistrate Judge Sorokin could reassure the group by informing them that it is highly doubtful any honest public servant who would halt corruption in the judiciary actually exist; he needs to press the point that they need not worry about the DOJ or FBI and offer further reassurance by informing the group that the only action by the FBI or DOJ will be inaction.  The room will sigh in relief when Chief Magistrate Judge Sorokin informs them that even the Office of General Counsel in DC is corrupt; he can boast that no matter the evidence that Robert Loesche and Bret Saxe will aid and abet any criminal law violations and ensure that any judicial misconduct complaint that makes it as far as their offices will never see a Senate confirmed US District or Circuit Judge.

Chief Magistrate Judge Sorokin should remind everyone in attendance that the tax payer is their slave and absolutely no chance of losing their slaves exist because the legislative branch is not only impotent but limp beyond belief when it comes to the almighty Third Branch.  It would be great if Chief Magistrate Judge Sorokin could follow up the information he provides regarding the Legislative Branch by shouting out POWER TO THE CORRUPT-RULE AND LAW MUST NOT DISRUPT.  Wouldn’t be great if the whole room joined in and the chant echoed throughout the room for a full two minutes; wow, what exciting times!!!!!

I bet the horse ‘oeuvres at your event will be fabulous!!! My, the shenanigans of the legal community sure have changed America! You must be so very PROUD!!!!!

Do have a beautiful day,

Laura J. McGarry

(I’m one of the many litigants who have been stripped of civil and constitutional rights by the corrupt Chief Magistrate Judge Leo T. Sorokin–I’ll be asking Bill Windsor to post this letter with Leo’s picture on All allegations are backed by evidence found directly in the case record and the dockets of both courts.

Magistrate Judge Leo T. Sorokin, Human and Constitutional Rights Violator, Promoted to Chief

Administrative Office of US Courts CORRUPT-No Matter the Evidence There is No Such Thing as judicial misconduct

Corrupt Jackson Lewis Attorneys from Boston Guy P. Tully & Brian M. Childs

Dishonest Service Fraud With Obstruction of Justice in the US District Court of Ma


Cover-Up of Corruption & Violation of Constitutional Rights in the US District Court of MA


The Massachusetts Chapter of the Federal Bar Association cordially invites you to attend

Criminal and Civil Practice Before Federal Magistrate Judges

Questions? Please email Patricia Johnson.

Date: March 14, 2012

Time: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Location: Moakley Federal Courthouse, 2nd Floor, One Courthouse Way, Boston, MA


William M. Windsor

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