Lawless America…The Movie seeks Sponsors for 50-State Movie Production


Lawless America…The Movie is seeking sponsors for the 50-state movie production.

Lawless America…The Movie will film victims of judicial corruption and government corruption from all across America.

The movie is being financed solely with donations…primarily from the victims.  We are now seeking a few key sponsors….

If you can help, we can sure use it.


Donations will be appreciated.  You can donate by mailing a check to B.G. Windsor, PO Box 681236, Marietta, GA 30068; donate by PayPal to williamwindsor@bellsouth.net; or donate online.  All donations received will be used solely for movie expenses. 

All donors of $25 or more will be listed as Financiers in the movie credits.

Sponsorships Available

We could really use some sponsors!  Sponsors have the option of being advertised on the mobile film studio that we will be driving to every state.  Sponsors also have the option of having their donation provide part ownership in the movie.

Gas Sponsor — A donation of $7,000 will buy the gas.

Food Sponsors — A donation of $4,290 will feed one crew member for 143 days.  We will have a crew of four.

Publicity Sponsor –Every donation of $1,500 will enable us to issue a national press release that will promote the movie production in the mainstream media.

 Production Manager Sponsor –Two of the crew members are doing the 143 days with no compensation.  However, to get a really experienced film production manager (who is also an activist battling corruption), we need a donation of $18,000.

Cinematographer Sponsor — We can get an experienced cinematographer for 143 days for the bargain basement price of $20,000.

Film Editor Sponsor — We want to hire a pro to edit the movie — $20,000.

Own the Movie

Fahrenheit 911 grossed $450 million.  A number of other documentaries have grossed from $10 to $25 million at the box office alone. 

Our movie will tell an incredible story…for the first time ever.  It will be a tearjerker with stories of families and lives torn apart by corrupt people hiding behind the cloak of some form of government “authority.”

Our movie will be unique — filmed in all 50 states with people from every walk of life.  The crew will include radio-TV-Film students from universities in each state.  There are a number of unique aspects to what we are doing.

None of us are doing this project for the money, though we believe it offers the potential to be BIG.

If you’d like to own all or part of the movie, just email Bill@LawlessAmerica.com.


T-Shirts and Caps

We also make 5 bucks off each T-Shirt and cap that we sell.  The T-Shirts are black, printed front and back with the movie logo.  T-Shirts are available in S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL.  Caps are charcoal, one-size-fits-all.  Caps and shirts are $15 each.  XXL and XXXL shirts are $20 each. 

To order, simply email souvenirs@LawlessAmerica.com, and we will send you an invoice for online payment.  Just tell us the quantities that you want, the shirt sizes, and indicate whether you will pick your souvenirs up at your state Capitol when we are filming or if you want us to mail them.  If so, please provide your shipping address.

More Information

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We need Volunteers to HELP with the Movie

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