Battling Judicial Corruption is a devastating experience for tens of thousands of Americans


I receive many emails from people sharing their frustrations with the denial of any shred of justice in the judicial system.

This is devastating to so many people.

Dale Karin Trowbridge, one of the people who will be interviewed for Lawless America…The Movie, expressed the pain extremely well in this email….

This is the email that I received from Dale Karin Trowbridge:

Bill It has been very difficult for me to muster up the courage to call into your show.

I have extreme anxiety even paranoia when dealing with judicial corruption; I have been attempting to expose the corruption for over 12 years now to meet rejection with every attempt.

I start thinking that no one believes me but I know that can’t be true because I present overwhelming evidence and laws to support my case.  I didn’t start out with this extreme anxiety I was on a mission to expose and had actually believed the press would jump all over my evidence of corruption and that my political representatives would address the injustice.

I was very naïve.  My attempts to receive justice and to expose injustice has made me feel like I am a dog chasing my own tail, I will most likely never succeed and if I possibly do it is going to hurt; I think you know what I mean. 

It has been very defeating to me to realize that the truth, evidence and law have no value in this present day world.  It is as if everyone has their head buried in the sand refusing to protect innocent children from emotional, mental and physical harm.  Obviously they are afraid of the judiciary but I don’t understand why, what threat have they directed at the press and politicians to have them cower and not even defend our constitutional rights?

But I had to call in because I want to personally tell that I am in total awe of all you are accomplishing, Bill you are a godsend and I know your tenacity and compassion is going to make a difference. And I am looking so forward to meeting you in Lansing, MI. 

All of my attempts to expose judicial corruption have fallen onto deaf ears.  My political representatives have repeatedly responded to my pleas with their generic statement that “the judiciary is a different branch of government.”  I have written the attorney general, the governor, the ACLU, and any agency I felt may be able to help to no avail.

My attempts to expose the corruption with the media such as Oprah, Dr. Phil, Anderson Cooper, Dr. Drew new agencies etc. etc. have been completely ignored; I don’t even receive a reply to my emails.  And although I have managed to gain the interest of a few local investigative reporters. their producers and editors refused to allow them to write/present a story exposing judicial corruption.

I have had a very rude awakening to the real world.  It is sickening that not one person in the position to make a difference cares enough to help expose the horrendous, heartbreaking corruption/abuse taking place every day throughout this so-called land of the free.  I have more recently pleaded to all with the title “save the children” stating that if they “chose to ignore my plea for help they are aiding and abetting in the abuse of children.”  I have not received any responses.

My strongest stance at this point in time is judicial immunity.  The U.S. Supreme Court justices voted themselves immune from the law.  Judicial immunity must be abolished; Judges and court employees must be held accountable for their illegal, corrupt actions.  No one should have the right to be above the law; judicial immunity has created American czars.  Judges have complete supremacy allowing them to rule however they please void of truth, evidence and law.  I believe it is human nature to abuse power when given complete and total control rule over others.  In my opinion judicial immunity not only allows corruption; it creates it.

Bill, I have been financially ruined due to my cases in family court, I have lost my home of over 18 years to foreclosure and have been forced to file bankruptcy; in total I am out over $300,000 with my meager income of approximately $35,000 a year.  But I want you to know that the financial losses do not compare to the heartbreaking injustice my daughter, our family and I endured.  I assure you there is nothing worse than being unable to protect your own child.

But Dale did not call in.

I then received this email from her:

I had intended on calling you last night but I assume that it had to be my anxiety which caused my brain to mess up; I thought the show was from 7-9 instead of 5-7.  I will hopefully call in on Tuesday.

I would also like to volunteer to assist you in whatever area I may be of help to you.  My case of course is family court/judicial abuse/corruption.

We hope to help Dale and the millions of other victims with Lawless America…The Movie.

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William M. Windsor

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