Lawless America will produce Special Videos about the various forms of Government and Judicial Corruption


Lawless America will produce 12 special videos about the various forms of government and judicial corruption.

In addition to filming one documentary, everyone filmed will be included in a special video featuring everyone from all over the country who has experienced the same form of corruption.

Children and Families, Criminal, Civil, Guardianship, Probate Court, Attorneys, Divorce Court, Foreclosure, Financial and Corporate, Law Enforcement, Voter Fraud, Military, Government Corruption, and more — each in a special video.

Associations, causes, and groups that focus on specific areas should ensure that they have a good representation in the filming….

Lawless America has already begun filming.  But the trip to all 50 state capitals for filming will start in a month or so and last for as long as five months.

These are the special videos that will be produced:

  • Children and Families — This video will cover dishonesty, corruption, and wrongdoing involving children.  This video will cover the treatment of children in divorces, removal of children from both parents, foster care abuse, and more.
  • Criminal Courts — This video will focus on people wrongfully accused, wrongfully convicted, and misconduct by prosecuting attorneys and judges.  This video will also cover witnesses who committed perjury that resulted in the conviction of people who say they are innocent.
  • Civil Courts — This video will address misconduct and corruption by attorneys, judges, and parties in civil litigation.
  • Guardianship Abuse, Elder Abuse, Probate Court Abuse, and Adult Protective Services Abuse — This video will cover all aspects of corruption involving the elderly — physical, mental, emotional, and financial abuse and corruption.  This video will also present stories of guardianship abuse with people who are not elderly.
  • Attorney Misconduct — This video will cover malpractice, violations of the code of professional conduct, violations of the rules, and criminal acts by attorneys.
  • Divorce Court and Domestic Abuse — This video will cover dishonesty, bias, and corruption in divorce court.  The video will include both husbands and wives; the issue is abuse, wrongdoing, and corruption, and it happens to both men and women.
  • Foreclosure Fraud — This video will cover many victims of foreclosure fraud.
  • Financial Corruption — This video will cover other forms of financial corruption and will include corporate corruption.
  • Government Corruption — This video will address a wide variety of government corruption with agencies and officials of all types.
  • Law Enforcement Abuse — This video will feature corruption by police, sheriffs, district attorneys, U.S. attorneys, Department of Justice, FBI, and other types of law enforcement.
  • Voter Fraud and Political Corruption — This video will be about vote fraud and corruption in politics.
  • Military Corruption — This video will cover corruption in the military.

These videos will be used to shine a bright spotlight on each of these specific areas, while the one documentary film that is being produced will cover all aspects of corruption.

I am confident that the distribution of the film and these videos will create an unprecedented awareness of the disease of corruption in our country.

If you are a victim or know of victims of these various forms of corruption, please have them email so they can be included in the filming.

William M. Windsor

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