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How to reach a Grand Jury to present Criminal Charges against Corrupt Judges, Attorneys, and Government Officials – Big Audience expected for TalkShoe on April 5, 2012


Tune in to TalkShoe for “Ask Mr. Bill.”  William M. Windsor has presented a how to seminar on how to use grand juries in an effort to obtain some justice in your wrongdoing.

On Thursday, April 5, 2012 at 10 pm Eastern Time, Bill Windsor conducted a seminar on how to use a grand jury in battles against corrupt government and judicial personnel — judges, clerks of the court, attorneys, and government officials and employees of all types.

This is the issue that I am asked more about than anything else.  With a grand jury, you will be asking them to find people guilty of crimes that will put them in prison.

I believe grand juries offer our best hope for justice in the short-term.  I managed to present criminal charges against federal judges, attorneys, and others to the Fulton County Georgia Grand Jury, so I will share what I learned in the process.

I will be joined by some people with experience.

Click here to listen to the four hour show about grand juries.

Grand Juries are composed of citizens just like you and me, chosen at random.  In Georgia, there are 23 grand jurors.  So, 23 people make the decision on whether to investigate your charges and propose that indictments be issued.  The district attorney or prosecuting attorney are not involved; in essence, you act as the prosecutor.

Favorable action by a grand jury should open many doors for you in dealing with the wrongs perpetrated against you.

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If you have questions about grand juries or anything else, please call in any Thursday from 10-midnight Eastern Time or Sundays from 5-7 pm Eastern Time.  I know some of you have called and left messages on my voice mail.  Please call into TalkShoe on Thursday or Sunday so I can answer your questions then.  Thanks, Bill Windsor

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