Lawless America Website was HACKED, but it’s Back in Business exposing Government Corruption and Judicial Corruption

The website was HACKED,  It was hacked at 1:30 am on March 29, 2012.

It took until April 5, 2012 at 3:30 pm to repair the website.

The hacker was apparently quite good.  GoDaddy’s virus scan and malware scan software showed nothing wrong, but the site did all types of strange things and didn’t work for anyone….

Every file modified on the day of the hacking was removed manually, but the site was still hacked.

GoDaddy restored the backup from the day before the hacking, but it didn’t correct the problem — apparently because GoDaddy’s backup will not overwrite anything new.  &6%$#!

The problem was finally corrected by setting up a new account with GoDaddy and restoring the files from the day before the hacking.  Then we had to wait for the Internet nameservers to adjust.

What a mess.

We do everything that we know to do to avoid being hacked.  Now we’ll try to learn some new tricks.

The hacker showed to be from Russia.  However, I have used software before to hide my IP address online, and I could be from Russia, too.

Here’s an opinion from someone who will be in Lawless America…The Movie:

It is a government lawyer! (s).  Many government lawyers these days have taken up work (since business is slow)…working from their home.  Because of over-whelming judicial paranoia (and God knows they have a lot to be paranoid about), they employ government lawyers who work from home in many states.  These lawyers are equipped with a rotation of about 2-4 FBI/CIA agents who assist them 24/7 as they monitor and track multitudes of individuals the vast majority of who are unaware.

Since the judiciary answers to “no-one” and indeed have no-one to deny them access to spying on the residents and citizens, they are free to satisfy their fears.  We know that they spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning up messes, dotting i’s and crossing T’s.  i am not surprise that you were not aware that the minute you set up shop that they would be around.  Chances are, thety were their from Day 1, and just decided to let you in on the deal!

They will only allow you to go so far, before (like julian Assange) before they pull the rugh from under.  I cannot wait until we meet in person.  take care, and God bless.

William M. Windsor

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