Judges and government workers must be stopped from hurting children and destroying families


 Judges and government workers must be stopped from hurting children and destroying families.

The state of affairs all across America in so-called “children and family courts” is so outrageous that I can’t even come up with a good word to describe it.  Abomination.  Outrage.  Child abuse.  INjustice.  ILlegal.

Lawless America presents its plan to save the children and the families.

The video below is the legislation relevant to children and families that Lawless America has presented to every member of the U.S. Congress and is now beginning to distribute to every state legislator.

Did you know that in courts all over America, parents are having their parental rights stripped from them?  The government tells them they are no longer parents and may have nothing whatsoever to do with their children ever again.

In my view, the right to be a parent is a God-given right.  The government has no business whatsoever taking away that right.  If there are criminal problems with child abuse and neglect, deal with those in criminal courts, but no one must ever be allowed to say a biological mother or father can no longer be; it simply doesn‚Äôt work that way.

Did you know that your state and county governments are taking children from their parents for no valid reason other than to receive federal funds?

Judges can and will do anything to any of us without concern for the facts or the law. They will commit crimes to damage us.

They will protect and rule for the benefit of their attorney friends and those with money and connections.

They destroy people financially and emotionally.

They rip families apart.

They deny parents and grandparents the right to see their children and grandchildren, with guardianship and children and family courts often acting as money-making schemes for those favored by the judges.

We do not have the rights to due process.  We do not have the right to a fair trial. We do not have the right to an impartial judge.  We are guilty unless proven innocent‚Ķagainst all odds.

We do not have the right to have the laws properly enforced.  We may be denied the ability to file a lawsuit, call witnesses, examine or cross-examine witnesses, and the list goes on.

The legal system is a giant money machine for the bad guys.

The system has been bastardized over the years to generate more and more money for attorneys and our elected officials.

The system has been completely warped to favor big, rich corporations, campaign donors, bribers, other government officials, and anyone else whom is favored for the wrong reasons.

With the input of thousands of people, we have drafted proposed legislation that will correct much of what is broken in America. In the months ahead, we will be demanding that our elected officials enact these common sense proposals. We will be demanding that every elected official in America put an end to the dishonesty and corruption. And if they don’t, we must replace them and then put them on trial for their crimes.

We have devised a plan for how we will go about bringing charges against corrupt officials now as well as a way to review the cases of those who have been wronged by the corrupt system.

We plan to correct the many, many wrongs, and we want reparations paid to those who have been wronged.

No guns. No violence. Just a bunch of Nobodies peacefully saving America. We want our country back!



William M. Windsor

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