Judge Susan H. Black charged with Corruption by Georgia woman who represented herself in Court


The whole 11th Circuit in Atlanta, Georgia needs the Justice Department to come in and clean house and get rid of all those corrupt judges so that judges who “want” to uphold the law can do their jobs without fear of backlash from the corrupt judges who have a lot of bias against protected classes of people.

Corrupt judges like Judge William S. Duffey, Jr. and Judge Susan H. Black, who with others have abused power are the reason no one trust the courts anymore in Atlanta, Georgia.

Judges like these have a pattern and practice of constantly and unlawfully dismissing valid pro se cases.

United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia Judge William S. Duffey and United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit Judge Susan H. Black are corrupt judges.

I lived in Douglas and Carroll Counties Georgia at the time in 2010 and 2011 that Judge William S. Duffey and Judge Susan H. Black did what they did to me by dismissing my case against Georgia Department of Community, et al or the State of Georgia.

I have been living in North Carolina since December 2011.  I left Georgia because I couldn’t stand the stinch of injustice.  That’s why my family and I moved from Georgia back to North Carolina.

Here are the affidavits that were sent to the Department of Justice Integrity Section.  I haven’t heard from the DOJ about this yet.  I also sent this affidavit to the FBI in Georgia who did nothing and would not investigate these judges for breaking the law.

My three-page signed and notarized Affidavit of Statements concerning the abuse of power and illegal acts by the named parties is discussed on my blog SB4Justice.¤t=AffidavitSonyaBraxtonpage1of3SignedandNotarizedAug172011.jpg¤t=AffidavitSonyaBraxtonpage2of3SignedandNotarizedAug172011.jpg¤t=AffidavitSonyaBraxtonpage3of3SignedandNotarizedAug172011.jpg

Written by Sonya Braxton – SB4JUSTICE

I have had dealings with both of these judges, and I have charged them with corruption.

Janet McDonald, James Stegeman, and Shellie Youhoing-Nonan are just a few of the other people who have misconduct and/or corruption complaints against Judge William S. Duffey.

I have filed criminal charges against both Judge William S. Duffey and Judge Susan H. Black.


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Congress asked to Impeach Judge Susan H. Black and 26 Other Federal Judges


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