Idaho Magistrate Judge Eugene A. Marano charged with Corruption

Another corrupt Judge is Magistrate Judge Eugene A. Marano.  It’s well known that he favors a certain law firm in town, particularly a certain female attorney. 

No matter how poorly written the motion, he grants it.

Anyone opposing her is not allowed to present evidence, is continually interrupted, and is admonished by this so-called judge.

It became very clear that before I even opened my mouth for the first time in his courtroom, he already had the case decided.

He refused to listen to medical evidence, even when presented by a physician.

He continually interrupted the physician, openly mocked every witness, and even congratulated this female attorney on her “win.”

Written by Rodney

Judge Eugene A. Marano has come under fire from women’s advocacy groups for releasing a man charged with domestic battery from jail in January 2008, without a hearing in court.

Idaho First District Magistrate Eugene A. Marano released a letter apologizing for the accident.

It all began when 40-year-old Michael Haman’s father Gary Haman, a former 1st District Judge, called Judge Marano early in the morning after learning his son had been arrested at a downtown motel, for allegedly beating his girlfriend.

Judge Eugene A. Marano then called jailers at the Kootenai County Jail on Haman’s behalf, a severe violation of judicial ethics. The favor, between old friends, lead to a big problem.

“Recently I released an accused person upon his own recognizance, based on a phone call and discussion with his father, a friend of mine… I exercised poor judgement in this situation. While the past cannot be changed, the future can be better because of acknowledged failures.

The citizens of this state can rest assured that this mistake will not be repeated by this judge.”

Members of the Womens’ Center in Coeur d’Alene were some of the most critical of Judge Eugene A. Marano’s bad decision.

Executive Director Anne Chatfield commended the judges apology, saying, “Like I said, people are chronically human.

He has made a mistake and he’s acknowledged that and it’s something our community can be proud of, that our judges can step up and acknowledge that a mistake has been made.”

No formal complaints have been filed against Judge Eugene A. Marano, who continues to preside over court.

40-year old Michael Haman, a part-time lawyer for the City of Coeur d’Alene, has since pleaded guilty to Disturbing the Peace.

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