Impeach Alabama Judge J. David Jordan


This is the story of a Dad, Michael Caraway.  Mr. Caraway’s experience is one of the reasons why Alabama Judge J. David Jordan (shown here) should be impeached.

Michael Caraway and his wife divorced in 2004.  Mr. Caraway was at that time a nine-year veteran of the Alabama Department of Corrections as a Corrections Officer.

Mr. Caraway reports that his ex-wife is a drug addict — a crackhead….

In 2004, Circuit Court Judge Bradley Byrne awarded custody of two of the three children to Mr. Caraway.  Their ages at the time were 11, 10, and 1.

In 2005, Escambia County, Alabama Department of Human Resources (“DHR”) got involved. They had the jurisdiction changed from Circuit Court Judge Bradley Byrne to District Court Judge J. David Jordan. In a hearing, Judge J. David Jordan told the case worker that he needed more to remove the children. The case worker never met with Mr. Caraway on a one-on-one basis. There was no basis to remove the children.

DHR Attorney Thad Moore is Judge J. David Jordan’s previous law partner. He was also DHR’s previous attorney. Mr. Caraway feels this is conflict of interest.

Kim Pettis is the Guardian Ad Litem for the children. Her husband is a Deacon at the First Baptist Church along with Judge J. David Jordan.

Mr. Caraway wanted custody.  But all of a sudden, his ex-wife’s brother, Alabama State Trooper James Dean and his wife Kim McGhee Dean, appeared seeking custody.  Trooper Dean appears in Judge J. David Jordan’s courtroom on a frequent basis.  Attorney Ernie White appeared on their behalf.

Mr. Caraway complained about what was going on to the DHR Headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama.  DHR Director Lynn Barnes was not happy with that, and Mr. Caraway feels that this caused DHR to start working harder to take the children.

Ms. Betty Warren, Huxford School Principal (at the time) in Atmore, Alabama, a highly-regarded educator known for her compassion for children, spoke in Mr. Caraway’s behalf. Mrs. Carol Middleton, Huxford School Counselor in Atmore, Alabama wrote a letter on Mr. Caraway’s behalf.

Reverend Richard Daniels, Pastor at McCullough Christian Center (well known throughout Escambia County, Alabama and very familiar with Mr. Caraway’s entire family) appeared in court on Mr. Caraway’s behalf, but was not allowed to speak. Dr. Jill Hall, a psychologist, was willing to appear and speak on Mr. Caraway’s behalf, but was not called by DHR or the court.

The court ordered anger management training for Mr. Caraway and his ex-wife with Dr. Nick Springs.  He did not see a problem with Mr. Caraway.  DHR’s psychologist deemed Mr. Caraway fit and capable of raising the children.

But Judge J. David Jordan removed the children from Mr. Caraway on April 10, 2005 and gave custody to the brother of the children’s drug addict mother.

Mr. Caraway is medically retired, and he has been trying to get an adjustment on child support from $2000 per month.  On January 27, 2012, Judge J. David Jordan denied Mr. Caraway’s motion to modify his child support even though on the court date, Judge J. david Jordan ordered both parties to file a brief showing that Social Security Disability Benefits paid to the kids on Mr. Caraway’s behalf should be given credit to satisfy his child support obligation.  Judge J. David Jordan ignored the law.

Mr. Caraway has always paid his child support on time every month, and all he has asked of Judge J. David Jordan is to be fair.  Mr. Caraway has not been allowed to see his children in six years.

Attorneys in Escambia County Alabama have told Mr. Caraway that all cases are decided by the “good ol boys” before anything happens in the courtroom.  If this is true, everyone involved needs to be removed from office and prosecuted on criminal charges.

William M. Windsor

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