Judge David P. Darden is charged with Corruption in Cobb County Georgia


I charge Judge David P. Darden, judge of the State Court of Cobb County Georgia, with corruption.

Judge David P. Darden was the presiding judge in my lawsuit with State Farm Insurance Company.

This is one of the most corrupt state court judges in Georgia’s history, if not the history of the United States.  My name is Shellie Youhoing-Nanan, and this is my story….

In 2004, my family filed law-suit to recover insurance money to rebuild our home after fire disaster loss ocurred in February 2003.  Judge David P. Darden joined with State Farm to defraud my family out of these funds.


The evidence reveals that Judge David P. Darden was involved in crimes as severe as conspiracy, insurance fraud, money laundering, perjury, forgery, mail fraud, murder for hire, and R.I.C.O crimes.  I have the evidence to prove these allegations.


Rather than paying the insurance claim directly to my family as contracted with State Farm in 2003, Judge David P. Darden allowed State Farm to pay only a partial insurance payment of the claim to the Cobb County State Court instead of my family the loss payee.  And after receiving the sum of more than $128,000 dollars in insurance money that was to rebuild my family’s home, Judge David P. Darden conspired with State Farm insurance to hold a deposition of me and my husband and later influence State Farm to file fraudulent motions in the court record asking for the dismissal of our case on the grounds that neither my husband or me showed up for the depositions, BUT  we were deposed.


Judge David P. Darden later dismissed our lawsuit with prejudice under this fraudulent pretense and held on to the more than $128,000.00, refusing to release these funds to my family.  We were forced to borrow more than $100,000.00 to rebuild our home despite the fact we had maintained insurance on our property to protect us in case of disaster.


My family was forced into years of appeals and roadblocks, as the clerks of all courts were made to deny our appeal and deprive us equal protection of law.  In one case, we were fined the sum of $2,500 because we appealed the fraudulent judgment.  Upon demanding that Judge David P. Darden release these funds to us in 2008, Judge David P. Darden arbitrarily perfected a severely fraudulent court order falsely alleging in the order that he used the money that was intended to rebuild our home to pay off the mortgage balance on our property without our permission.  I charge that he further embezzled more than $60,000 of this fund to pay companies to which we owed nothing, including our mortgage company, Regions, though we never defaulted on mortgage payments for the past 16 years.


Still today, my family has received no deed transferred into our names.  As a matter of fact, investigation with the Clayton County property Tax Department reveals that no property was paid off as falsely alleged in the court order.  But in a most concerning development, all property tax records associated with this property has been erased from property tax computer records.  According to the fraudulent court order signed by Judge David P. Darden, that was never stamped by the court, funds that were supposed to rebuild my family’s home were paid to a different mortgage company other than Regions, which is the legal mortgage company of record.


More than $128,000.00 was paid to Judge David P. Darden to rebuild our home.  None of these funds were received by us.  Judge David P. Darden claimed that he used the money to pay off our mortgage without our knowledge and consent.  County record reveal that no property was paid off.  And no deed was transferred to my family. 


However, on March 2, 2010, at the eve of exposing this and other judicial crimes, I was forced to cancel the rally that was to be held in down town Atlanta.  Four days later, I was brutally attacked in my home by swat team and officers from three different law-enforcement agencies within Clayton County, despite the fact I had committed no crime.  I was brutalized, tortured, held repeatedly at gun point, photographed naked in the presence of my children, and my unborn child I carried for five months, “Baby Angel,” was brutally murdered.


Ironically, only fourteen days after the murder / feticide, attempted murder, Judge David P. Darden, who never offered to pay my family a dime of the more than $128,000. of the insurance monies he had embezzled, mailed my family a check in the amount of more than $35,000.  We believe this was an act of intimidation and what is called hush money.

To date, my family was defrauded not only the more then $128,000 but also $6,000,000 in damages at the hands of Judge David P. Darden.

written by Shellie Youhoing-Nanan

William M. Windsor

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