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Failure is NOT an option.  Those were Roxanne’s words at the end of tonight’s Lawless America Online TV Show.

And she is right on the money! 

Ladies and gentlemen, we cannot lose this battle.  We’re talking about our country here…and the future for our children and grandchildren.

Failure is NOT an option.  I personally refuse to lose!  We must be successful in our efforts to educate the masses about dishonesty and corruption in government.

GRIP (Government Reform & Integrity Platform) is really taking shape as we begin to get key organizations to affiliate.  Ron Branson has committed from Jail4Judges, and Bob Schulz of We the People Congress and expressed his support for what we are doing.  We believe Nancy Rolfe of will be teaming up with us as well.

As I said on tonight’s show, and as I have said many times lately, I don’t think we can succeed…I know we can.  I know that the system we have announced about how to develop the Internet as our “mainstream media” will succeed.  Crystal Cox and I have already proven that.  All we need is for you to do your part.  Please read GRIP Project Part 1 and GRIP Project Part 2, and DO IT!!!!  These tasks will take very little of your time, but they are SO IMPORTANT!  By the time we get several hundred people completing these tasks, we will flood the Internet when people conduct searches for the key terms and dishonest and corrupt people that we target.

Developing our own Mainstream Media. 

The concept here is very simple.  The mainstream media has not (yet) given coverage to true judicial corruption and the fundamental government corruption, so the vast majority of our fellow Americans are clueless.  So, we need to develop our own way to reach people.  The Internet gives us that ability.  The execution is challenging only because people talk a big game and rarely do much.  But what we need to do is motivate people to do a few simple things online.  The most important is to get as many of the 4,000 websites as possible that we have identified that are battling dishonesty and corruption in government to link and share a few things.  This will move each of us up in the search engine results because sites that share a common general subject matter become more important to the search engines.  But if people will take it a step further and spend a few hours over the next month doing some social media “work,” we will generate the ability to reach millions, maybe tens of millions with email.  The goal behind all that GRIP is doing is to give us a way to communicate with the masses. 

This article explains what we ask people to do —;battling-corruption-heres-what-you-must-do-to-help-us-become-qmainstream-mediaq-part-1&catid=107;grip-government-reform-a-integrity-platform&Itemid=105  This is the second article that explains what to do —;battling-corruption-heres-what-you-must-do-to-help-us-become-qmainstream-mediaq-part-2&catid=107;grip-government-reform-a-integrity-platform&Itemid=105  I have one more article to post that will complete what individuals can do.  I haven’t finished it because I am trying to figure out if Facebook has blocked Yahoo from doing one task that I have successfully used before I ask people to do it and it won’t work.

Meet People Face-to-Face, and Generate a HUGE List of Supporters. 

To be effective selling many things, an excellent strategy is to “go where the people are; find a need; and satisfy that need.”  There are a lot of people at our courthouses.  Virtually everyone visiting is not happy about it, so they have a “need.”  This makes them prime candidates for us to present a simple way to help partially “satisfy” their need. 

So, our proposal is to get people in every state petitioning at the county courthouse (and federal if we have enough manpower) at least one day a week (the day when the grand jury meets).  I would love for it to go every weekday.  I would be delighted to have 200 cites going, though it would be beyond spectacular to have all 3,131 U.S. county courthouses covered at least one day a week between now and Election Day. 

We will have two small signs.  One says: “Please sign our Petition for Honesty in Government.”  The other says “Stop Corrupt Courts.”  We have clipboards with pens adhered to them by chains.  Our petition simply states: “I support the rights we were granted under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  I support honesty in government.  Judicial and government corruption are unacceptable.”  As the Pakistani-born owner of the sign shop where I ordered the signs said: “Who wouldn’t sign that?”  That’s the idea – something that all can embrace – non-partisan – addressing the fundamental problem as we see it. 

We will approach people with what I call a 30-second elevator pitch. “Hi, may I ask whether there is anything that you are unhappy about with our government or our legal system?”  When people respond with what bothers them most, we reply: “Well (whatever their complaint is) is one of the issues that we are trying to address with a petition.  We’re asking people to simply sign stating they want honesty in government and support of the fundamental rights we were granted under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.”  We hand them the clipboard and try to capture a signature and as much contact information as they will provide.  During that 60 seconds or so, we feel out whether they would like to join in petitioning.  We give them a hand-out that directs them to the GRIP website and a page that will take them to resources about their particular areas of concern. 

This is what I call WIIFM – What’s In It For Me.  By finding out what’s important to them and directing our conversation that way, we have the best chance of appealing to them. 

3,131 counties x 50 signatures a day on average = 156,550 signatures per day x 34 weeks from now to election day = 5,322,700 signatures.  5 days-a-week could generate tens of millions of signatures and one heckuva mailing list. 

This effort would have to generate mainstream media coverage.  This effort would undoubtedly get local coverage.  We would kind of trick the media into covering us because our effort is so universally embraced in theory. 

We need a GRIP Chairman for each state, and then we need those Chairmen to identify people to be County Chairmen.  The County Chairmen need to organize people to begin petiitoning at the courthouses as we will be doing on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at the Fulton County Courthouse.

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