Is Chris Shermer of the Missoula Montana Police Department a Tool or a Fool?


Chris Shermer of the Missoula Police Department in Missoula Montana is either a Tool or a Fool.

If so-called Detective Chris Shermer isn’t being used as someone’s Tool to get Bill Windsor, then he’s a Fool, an absolutely incompetent police officer.

Bill Windsor wanted to believe Chris Shermer when he claimed he wasn’t corrupt, but he’s corrupt! 

Chris Shermer of the Missoula Police Department in Missoula Montana is the “detective” who took criminal charges against Bill Windsor to the Missoula County Attorney’s Office.  The Missoula County Attorney then went to Judge Karen Townsend on October 3, 2014 and got a Bench Warrant for the arrest of Bill Windsor.  Charged with sending a Tweet, an email, and publishing the name Sean Boushie four times in two legal documents.

The Police Report shows that Chris Shermer’s crack investigation consisted of a 40-minute conversation with pathological liar Sean Boushie and his twisted wife, Wynette Boushie, on September 4, 2013.  Chris Shermer of the Missoula Police Department never called Bill Windsor and never paid any attention to the mountain of evidence showing Sean Boushie to be a liar and a criminal.  Chris Shermer and the Missoula Police Department received at least a half-dozen criminal complaints against Sean Boushie, and they never did a thing.  When presented with overwhelming evidence of Sean Boushie’s guilt, ignoring it means you are either a Tool or a Fool.  In this case, I believe Chris Shermer is both a Tool and a Fool.

Someone probably told Chris Shermer to get Bill Windsor.  That makes him a Tool.  A slimy, dishonest, corrupt Tool who would abuse his position as a law enforcement officer to bring criminal charges against an absolutely innocent person in Texas.  He simply can’t be terminally incompetent.  He simply can’t have believed a word that Sean Boushie said.

I have met with Chris Shermer twice — once at the Missoula County Detention Center and once at the Missoula County Attorney’s Office.  He’s cocky, arrogant, thinks he’s hot stuff.  He’s cocky and arrogant but definitely not hot stuff.  He shoots his mouth off and makes wild accusations.

Chris Shermer accused me of having a Joeyisalittlekid login.  I’ve never had a Joeyisalittlekid login, and I have never posted anything on that website of criminal society outcasts.

Chris Shermer accused me of working with Sean Boushie’s father-in-law, Paul Stramer, to cyberstalk Sean Boushie by pretending to be Sean Boushie.  I’d never met with, spoken with, communicated with, or worked for or with Paul Stramer, and I have never pretended to be Sean Boushie or used any of his website or email aliases.  And I offered undeniable proof.

Chris Shermer accused me of writing articles about him in which I called him Barney Fife.  I never did any such thing.  That would be an insult to Don Knotts who I found to be an exceptional entertainer.  I offered to let the crack sleuths at the Missoula Police Department conduct a forensic examination of my computer.  I offered to let them look at all of my emails and email accounts, cell phones, you-name-it.  I offered to take a polygraph examination.  All ignored.

Chris Shermer and I had a very pleasant convfersation after leaving the Missoula County Attorney’s Office.  I had high hopes that he would realize he was snookered.  But since he has done absolutely nothing, it is clear that he was just putting on an act in hopes that I wouldn’t declare him to be corrupt.  He’s CORRUPT.  He intentionally violates the law and is dishonest in doing his work as a police officer.  He sets up innocent people.  Lord only knows what he has done that we will never find out about.  Very few people ever pursue the wrongdoing inflicted upon them by the Chris Shermer’s of America.


I prepared pages of proof for Chris Shermer to make it simple for him to determine that University of Montana employee Sean Boushie is a pathological liar and criminal.  I submitted a criminal complaint, and he ignored it and did not even extend the courtesy of meeting with me as I requested.

The Missoula Police Department and the Missoula County Attorney’s Office have had my latest criminal charges against Sean Boushie for a  month.  They’ve ignored them.  The evidence of crimes by Sean Boushie is overwhelming.  I have confirmed that Chris Shermer, the Missoula Police Department, the Missoula County Attorney’s Office, Jennifer Clark, Tyler Dugger, and Kirsten Pabst are absolutely corrupt.  More crooked than Lombard Street.  They’ve destroyed far more innocent lives than Richard Matt and David Sweat.

I never violated a protective order.  There was no protective order.  Nothing that I did in Texas violated any protective order, and Texas and Montana law say so – in clear undeniable words.  Montana has absolutely no jurisdiction to bring charges against me for anything I did in Texas.  Montana has produced its so-called “evidence” to me, and they have absolutely NO EVIDENCE that I ever intentionally committed the crime of violation of a protective order.  This is one of the requirements for bringing such a charge against someone in Montana.  I never intentionally committed any crime anywhere, and these crooks have no such evidence.  ZERO.  Nada.  Zip.   I can go on and on about why this is all totally bogus, but I’ll stop here.

But as long as we have Tools and Fools like Chris Shermer, Jennifer Clark, Tyler Dugger, and Kirsten Pabst, this type of criminal activity against innocent people will continue to take place.

I am praying that the FBI will do something about the rampant corruption in Missoula Montana where one of their mottos is “Forget the Rapists, get the Tweeters.”

Here is just some of the evidence ignored by incompetent, corrupt Missoula Police Department Detective Chris Shermer:;bill-windsor-files-new-criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-swearing-perjury-false-police-report-qi-never-emailed-bill-windsorq&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-swearing-perjury-false-police-report-qmy-wife-and-i-are-afraid-of-bill-windsorq&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-swearing-perjury-false-police-report-qbill-windsor-has-a-gun-and-has-committed-assaultq&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-swearing-perjury-false-police-report-qbill-windsor-is-a-resident-of-missoula-county-montanaq&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-swearing-perjury-false-police-report-qi-am-in-danger-of-harm-from-bill-windsorq&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-swearing-perjury-false-police-report-qi-am-a-victim-of-assault-by-bill-windsorq&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-swearing-perjury-false-police-report-qbill-windsor-has-exhibited-violent-behavior-to-meq&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-swearing-perjury-false-police-report-about-bill-windsors-activities-at-the-university-of-montana-on-august-16-2013&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-swearing-perjury-false-police-report-bill-windsors-mental-capacity-is-compromised&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-swearing-perjury-false-police-report-about-bill-windsors-legal-business-in-montana&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-swearing-perjury-false-police-report-qbill-windsor-is-carrying-a-gun-and-intends-to-be-involved-in-a-shootoutq&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-swearing-perjury-false-police-report-bill-windsor-has-been-found-at-my-home-on-three-separate-occasions&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-swearing-perjury-false-police-report-bill-windsor-called-me-so-much-i-had-to-disconnect-my-telephone&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-police-report-bill-windsor-emails-unsuspecting-people-and-accuses-them-of-harassment-or-a-crime&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-police-report-bill-windsor-emails-unsuspecting-files-frivolous-legal-actions-to-get-legal-settlements-to-make-him-go-away&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-police-report-bill-windsor-took-over-crystal-coxs-list-of-victims-he-was-hired-to-harass&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-swearing-perjury-false-police-report-bill-windsor-is-a-resident-of-missoula-county-montana-count-2&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-swearing-perjury-false-police-report-i-never-emailed-bill-windsor-count-2&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-swearing-perjury-false-police-report-about-bill-windsors-legal-business-in-montana-count-2&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-swearing-perjury-false-police-report-bill-windsor-has-been-found-at-my-home-on-three-separate-occasions-count-2&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-swearing-perjury-false-police-report-bill-windsor-has-a-gun-count-2&catid=1;latest-news;criminal-charges-against-sean-boushie-false-swearing-perjury-false-police-report-bill-windsor-has-repeatedly-followed-and-intimidated-me&catid=1;latest-news


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University of Montana Rapes

Detective Chris Shermer files suit against Missoula Police Department, claims sexual harassment

Detective Chris Shermer Goes on Fox News Montana and Brags about his IP Tracking Skills, YET Jails a Reporter telling the TRUTH about his ATTACKER, Sean Boushie and Detective Chris Shermer does NOTHING to prove the IP address of any of it. 


Lawless America.  That’s where we live.

Bill Windsor set out to film a movie exposing government, judicial, and law enforcement corruption.  He traveled to every state (except Alaska), and he filmed over 750 stories of corruption and has thousands more who wanted to be filmed.  Evil people, some working for various government entities and committing crimes, set out to destroy Bill Windsor and the movie, Lawless America.  Bill Windsor has been defamed online in the largest case of defamation in U.S. history.  His life has been threatened many times.  UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE, Sean Boushie, attempted to murder Bill Windsor.   Sean Boushie then falsely claimed that Bill stalked him, threatened him with a gun, and a host of other lies.  Corrupt courts gave Sean Boushie a Temporary Order of Protection.  It expired on September 16, 2013, but corrupt Montana and Texas folks pretended it still existed, and a bench warrant was issued for unsuspecting Bill.

Bill Windsor was put into the Ellis County Texas Jail illegally for 53 days as a political prisoner — held for extradition.  William M. Windsor was then unlawfully held in the Ada County Idaho Jail for 35 days and then illegally handed over to two Missoula County Montana Sheriff’s Deputies on March 25, 2015.  He was held there for 46 days (a grand total of 134 days behind bars). He escaped (on bond) at 11:30 am on May 9, 2015.

The State of Montana has filed five criminal charges against William M. Windsor for sending a Tweet, publishing the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE‘s name (the would-be killer Sean Boushie) four times, sending a legal notice email to a University of Montana attorney, and filming the movie and the pilot for a TV show that will expose Montana as the most corrupt state in the country.  “Law enforcement” had removed from the Internet.  This website contains over 1,400 articles exposing corruption.  Bill Windsor worked with a friendly offshore hosting company to return the website to the Internet outside the clutches of American evildoers.  He wasn’t so lucky when Facebook removed the movie page falsely claiming it promoted nudity, pornography, and solicitation of sex … or when AT&T canceled the email that he used on everything related to the movie for years falsely claiming he violated their Terms of Service.

If you want to reach Bill Windsor, his home address is 5013 S Louise Ave #1134, Sioux Falls, SD 57108.  That mail gets forwarded to him once a week.  His email is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it His phone is currently confidential, but it is not answered; messages are checked by dialing in to Verizon from a state far, far away, and Bill receives an email with the name, number, and one sentence summary of each message.


For the Lawless America videos, see  Bill Windsor’s Facebook page is




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