Happy Holidays from William M. Windsor and Lawless America


Happy Holidays from my computer to yours.

I hope you and your family can relax and enjoy this special time of year.

My wife and our children and grandchildren are all together in Atlanta, so we will have a wonderful time.

This is the first year that I have had far more friends through the computer than I have in the bricks and mortar world.  I don’t even know the real names of many of you; I know you by monikers like Thunder Warrior, Wagasapi, UnhappyGrammy, and many others.  So, please accept this electronic card as addresses are even more rare than real names.

All the best,

Bill Windsor

P.S. Remember to mark your calendar for January 15, 2012 from 5-7 pm Eastern Time for the online video conference with the leaders in the battle against government corruption.

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