9th Circuit Court of Appeals demonstrates how their corruption works — Simply deny the Right to Appeal


Ron Branson received dimissal of his Notice of Appeal to the Ninth Circuit on December 23, 2011. 

Ron Branson had instantly appealed the dismisal of his suit in fraud, and paid the $455 filing fee. Five days later, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a notice of intent to dismiss the Notice of Appeal.

They CLAIMED the issue presented on appeal was insubstantial….

There was as yet any issue presented on appeal.  Ron Branson opposed the Order of intent to dismiss his appeal, and he received a Dec, 6, 2011 Order dismissing his Appeal, which stated “The questions raised in this appeal are so insubstandial as not to require further argument.”

The 9th Circuit cited to U.S. v. Hooton, 693 F.2d 857.  But that case is inapplicable as it refers to a case wherein the Appellant filed an opening brief, citing his argument on appeal.  Here, there is no opening brief, nor are there any questions presented on appeal.

Rule 3(c)(4) states, “An appeal must not be dismissed for informality of form or title of the notice of appeal, or for failure to name a party whose intent to appeal is otherwise clear from the notice.”

Ron Branson’s Notice of Appeal follows precisely as shown in Form in the Apendix.

This shows a preconceived plan by the Ninth Circuit to cut off the right of appeal at the Notice stage before any appeal issues can be presented.  Attached is Ron Branson’s opposition to dismissal of his Notice of Appeal.

See this story about another appeal just dismissed by the 9th Circuit.


My personal experience with the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit is that these terminally corrupt appellate judges can and will do whatever they can to make legitimate appeals disappear.  This is clearly happening with the 9th Circuit, and I believe it’s the same story with every federal appellate court in America.  I believe iur federal courts are nothing less than a criminal racketeering enterprise.

William M. Windsor

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