GRIP establishes Phone Tree to PRESSURE Government Officials as needed to encourage Honesty and minimize Corruption


GRIP has established a Phone Tree to apply PRESSURE to government officials as needed to encourage honesty and minimize corruption.

If you would be willing to participate, please email me.

We have devised the GRIP Phone Tree where you can be a part of a significant campaign to make contact with government officials to raise awareness of specific problems that you or our other Lawless America and GRIP friends encounter.

A phone tree is a network of people organized in such a way that they can quickly and easily spread information among each other.

Phone trees are odten used by activists, and we thank Jane Boyer of Abuse Freedom United for reminding us that they effectively use a phone tree for family court efforts.

Setting up a solid phone tree takes time, but many people feel that it is well worth the effort, since the phone tree can be used again and again.

One easy to way to visualize a phone tree is as a phone pyramid.  One person at the top of the pyramid calls two people, who each call two more people, and so on, until every person in the phone tree has been called.  This allows people to distribute information quickly, without placing the burden of work on one person.  As you might imagine, there are a number of advantages to setting up a phone tree, not least of which is the ability to distribute information quickly in a crisis.

As you already know, our court system, family courts, social services, foster care, law enforcement, financial groups, elected officials, probate courts, attorneys, and just about everything in the legal system continue to spiral out of control.  We have to do everything in our power to minimize the dishonesty, corruption, and abuse!


The GRIP Phone Tree can serve several purposes, including reminding our elected officials that our voices will be heard even if it takes hundreds of phone calls and emails each day to their elected offices, campaign headquarters, places of business, etc.  In short, it is time to open up the lines of communication.

Please send me your email address, city, state, and phone numbers so that you can participate with the GRIP Phone Tree yourself, and so that others can help you place hundreds of calls to elected officials, judges, and others who believe that they can damage you and that you will do nothing.

Please forward these instructions to everyone who cares about you and your family and who has been rendered powerless to help you or others – now is their chance.

Once the list of people is collected, it will be divided up by state to create an organized phone tree, which will then be copied and given to all members of the GRIP Phone Tree Group. 

I will not allow the GRIP Phone Tree to be used for matters that do not seem important or critical to me.  I will evaluate all requests, and I will listen to all reports of dishonesty and corruption as I receive them to identify those where this may be of help.

I do not anticipate that this will be burdensome on anyone since each person will make two calls to other GRIP Phone Tree members and usually one call to the government bad guy.

If we get 100 people in the GRIP Phone Tree, this means The Fulton County District Attorney will receive 100 phone calls the next time he denies citizen access to the grand jury; Judhe W. Royal Furgeon will get 100 calls about his outrageous abuse of Jeff Baron; and so on and so on.

This will help correct one of the weaknesses of individual efforts by adding strength in numbers.  It’s another way of petiitoning without standing outside on concrete — do it from the comfort of your home, office, or car.

Please join the GRIP Phone Tree.  And draft other folks to participate; this is a great project for our elders and stay-at-home parents.


William M. Windsor

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