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Georgia Federal Judge Charles A. Pannell, Jr. charged with Corruption

pannell charles-a-judge

Atlanta, Georgia federal Judge Charles A. Pannell, Jr. is charged with corruption.

My name is Shellie Youhoing-Nanan, and this is my story…

I stated in my previous article here on that I will be publishing an article exposing Federal Court Judge, Judge Charles A Pannell, Jr, as I did to Superior Court Judge Constance C. Russell and other corrupt judges who do not abide by our laws and Constitution, giving aid to the enemies and waring against the Constitution of the United States….

When a judge decides to conspire with major insurance corporation to commit any illegal act, including defrauding disaster victims of their property and insurance compensation to rebuild their homes, that is giving aid to enemies and levying war against the Constitution.

I hereby charge Judge Charles A. Pannell, Jr. with the criminal racketeering (RICO) crimes as serious as, conspiracy, insurance fraud, mail fraud, conspiracy to defraud the United States from lawful function, violation of oath of office, treason, and numerous other crimes.

After conspiring with Judge Charles A. Pannell to transfer my lawsuit from the Fulton County Superior Court to federal court under fraudulent pretenses, Travelers Attorney, Michael Schroder, was able to inflict the worst crimes against my family — crimes as severe as hiring a private investigator, Dana Mason, to break in my family home after the fire and plant false evidence to make it appear as if my family set fire to the home. Investigation from the Clayton County Fire Department declared the incident unintentional.

Contrary to Federal law, Judge Charles A. Pannell denied me access to the federal court and denied me the rights to issue a subpoena that would subpoena the private investigator, Dana Mason, who planted false evidence after the fire. Judge Charles A. Pannell also conspired with Travelers attorney and another federal court judge, Judge Russell G. Vineyard, to invite me to come to the court, under the false pretense that we would be having a conference to settle my insurance claim. When I arrived at the courthouse. Judge Russell G. Vineyard intimidated me and demanded that I dismiss my lawsuit against Travelers.

To date, I have filed three recusal motions to remove Judge Charles A. Pannell from presiding over my case. But on all three occasions, Judge Charles A. Pannell mailed court orders containing numerous pages of arguments abusing me as a pro se litigant and refusing to recuse himself.

On March 2, 2010, on the eve of holding a big rally before the federal court, Fulton County Superior Court, the Georgia Supreme Court, ant eh Court of Appeals of Georgia, I was forced to cancel the event by the Fulton County Police. As stated in my previous article against Judge David P. Darden, who is also one of the conspirators involved, it was only four days after I was forced to cancel the huge protest that my home was suddenly surrounded by SWAT team and officers from three different law enforcement agencies within Clayton County. They kicked down the door to my home without a warrant. I was pregnant at the time, and I was brutalized, tortured, held repeatedly at gun point, photographed naked in the presence of my children, and my unborn son “Baby Angel” was viciously murdered.

After the vicious murder/ feticide of my unborn child, and the serious injuries inflicted upon me, the Clayton County Government set me up with 23 counts of fraudulent charges. In further acts of conspiracy, adding insult to injury, Judge Charles A. Pannell, Jr. conspired with the Travelers attorney and dismissed my lawsuit in the amount of more than $500,000 and refused to mail a copy of the dismissal order to me or my attorney (Rex McClinton). I further learned that Attorney Rex McClinton committed suicide.

Judge Charles A. Pannell, Jr is one of the most corrupt federal judges, and he must be exposed, investigated, imprisoned, and held accountable for his role in this conspiracy, including utilizing the legal administration of the federal court to aid and abet major insurance corporations in defrauding disaster victims of insurance compensation for losses incurred as well as his profound prejudice and abuse of pro se litigants.

Judge Charles A. Pannell, Jr is a senior Judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, 75 Spring Street, Georgia 30303. Investigation reveals that Judge Charles A. Pannell, Jr was appointed to the Federal court in 1999 by Former President Bill Clinton.

written by Shellie Youhoing-Nanan


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