Did you know that being a Good Samaritan and saving a child’s life can be a crime in Oregon?


The citizens of Oregon need to be warned that you can go to jail for saving a child’s life.  The Good Samaritan Laws and Oregon laws such as ORS 161.200 DO NOT protect you!!!

Oregon’s “Public servants/paid officials” are more concerned with the money generated with quotas and convictions, than having any moral conscience and upholding the law and finding out the TRUTH and true justice.

Previous to this experience with Judge Jeffrey S. Jones (shown here) and our INjustice system, I would have never believed someone telling me that you need to think twice about getting involved in an emergency situation and doing anything I possibly could to save someone else’s life, especially a child.

I could NEVER have stood by and watched a child choke to death.

For almost two years now, I have sat here in a steel cage behind razor wire, treated as worthless by arrogant, belligerent guards, with my whole life stripped from me.  The people of Oregon need to hear the TRUTH of why Oregon’s “biggest growing industry” is DOC (Dept. of Corruption) and the INjust havoc that Measure 11 has created for many innocent people (previously “law abiding, productive citizens” like myself) sitting in our prisons today.  All because of a legal system that doesn’t care about the truth and true justice.

When this whole nightmare started, I was a loving parent.  I had a healthy, loving relationship with my little daughter and my family members.  I had a good job, hobbies, goals, hopes and dreams of making a good life for myself and my family.  I was closer than ever to accomplishing those goals and making my dreams a reality when, without warning, disaster struck.  Something terrible happened.  Someone desperately needed my help in order to stay alive.  I had no time to think, I only reacted the best way I knew how to perform compression and Heimlich techniques.

My reaction saved the life of a little girl who depended completely on me to do what it took to save her from choking to death.  My reaction and efforts were successful.

Unfortunately, the real nightmare had just begun.  Now, due to the illegal, dishonest actions of Clackamas County Detectives Jeff Greene and Randy Harris, a corrupt District Attorney, Michael Regan, a corrupt Judge, Judge Jeffrey S. Jones, DHS/CPS employees (Beth Bolles, Heather Kitto, and Gina DeBois), and a corrupted legal system here in Oregon, my life and the lives of the ones I love have been severely damaged forever.

Somehow, I have to tell myself that a little girl’s life is still worth it all.

These are the “Players”:

Judge Jeffrey S. Jones, D.A. Michael Regan, Defense Attorney Daniel Woram, The Oregon State Bar (Sylvia Stevens, Paul Neese), Oregon Public Defense Services (James W. Nass, Scott A. Morrill, Pete Gartlin), D.H.S./CPS (Beth Bolles, Heather Kito, Jermaine F Brown, Mary H Williams, Andrea Kennedy, John Kroeger) Clackamas County Courthouse personnel ( DA John Foote, Michael Regan, and Jayne Vorhies, Deborah Brownlee), Clackamas County Sheriff’s Dept (Edward S. McGlone III, Lori J. Vicars, Craig Roberts, Jeffrey Green, and Randy Harris) are currently working together doing everything they can to ensure that the truth NEVER COMES OUT.

They are all repeatedly, and continually, violating: Oregon and Federal Laws, Oregon Court rules, Oregon Statutes, Constitutional Law — and no one is interested in addressing any of these violations.  Oregon’s current “Justice System” clearly has one goal in mind, tunnel vision, gain convictions, fill beds, make money.  By any means possible.  Forget about truth, justice, morals, ethics and human life.  Just lock ’em up and make money off of them.  Slave Labor to support the Prison Industries projects!  Income made from Commissary, phone system, etc, and Job security.

I am asking for some accountability with these “PUBLIC SERVANTS” who are violating State laws right under our nose.

We have provided a plethora of information and evidence of Official Misconduct, Racketeering, Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, Concealing Evidence, Collusion, and Conspiracy against the rights of the citizen to Judge Jeff Jones, State of Oregon Appellate Division, OSB, Clackamas County Courthouse and DA John Foote.  These “public servants” all appear to be “above the law” and feel no responsibility or accountability to investigate the horrible Injustice performed by the so called “Justice” system which is more accurately nothing but a “Legal System” that performs “ILLEGAL” acts.

Clackamas County Courthouse personnel (including Judge Jeffrey S. Jones and Mike Regan) and State of Oregon Appellate Division (including Pete Gartlin, James Nass, Scott Morrill, and Paul Levy) have repeatedly disregarded, lost/ disposed of, my paperwork and “Motions” that I have filed.  They have conspired together to deny me my rights to assistance of counsel, due process, and hearings that I have petitioned for.

On December 15, 2009, I filed a Motion for a Hearing in both the DA’s office and Judge Jeffrey S. Jones office.  Both offices lost or disposed of my official paperwork that I filed.  I have verification of service to both offices.  On June 28, 2010, Judge Jeff Jones refused to allow me the hearing that I requested and the attorney assistance of counsel that I had requested.  I sent him a written request (6/28/10) for his “written response” as to his “lawful basis” why he was denying my request for attorney assistance and a hearing.  Judge Jeffrey S. Jones has denied all the Motions I have filed.  On August 6, 2010, I filed a Motion to Reconsider and Motion to Reopen my hearing with Judge Jeffrey S. Jones. Denied!  All Motions have been denied with “No Explanation.”

We are currently investigating whether or not the people involved in the prosecution of our case committed crimes such as kidnapping, assault, conspiracy against the citizen, racketeering, collusion, obstruction of justice, and perjury, among other acts, during that prosecution.  ORS 162.325 clearly indicates that anyone who suppresses physical evidence which might aid in the discovery or apprehension of such a criminal is guilty of the Class C Felony of “hindering prosecution.”


This morning had started like any other, but would end like nothing I could have ever imagined in my worst nightmare!

It was very common for me to take my little daughter for a walk along with a friend of mine and her little girl.  This day, we had just fed her daughter and left for a walk, when about 5-10 minutes into the walk, I noticed that she was having problems breathing.  I started patting her back as I held her against my chest.  This wasn’t helping clear her breathing.  I then repositioned her face down over my forearm, and continued to pat her back and then did more compression and Heimlich maneuvers.  After several minutes of frantically doing everything I could possibly think of to help her clear her breathing, she finally coughed up her food all over my shirt sleeve.  We decided to immediately rush her to the hospital ER since she still wasn’t breathing correctly.  We later found out at the hospital that she had “aspirated” — coughed and then inhaled her food.

This is where things went from bad to worse.

Shortly after we arrived, Sheriff’s detectives were called because of Oregon’s “mandatory reporting” rules.  We were asked to submit to several hours of questioning, which turned into a heavily “police dominated,” accusatory atmosphere (more like a grilling), with no Miranda Rights read to us.  We had nothing to hide, so we believed it was best to cooperate and do whatever we could to answer all questions asked of us.


Both of us had always been loving, patient, nurturing parents to our daughters and wouldn’t hesitate to protect them with our lives.  Neither of us had ever had any temper or anger issues, no violent behavior.  We fully believed that the truth would come out and everything would be back to normal shortly.  Little did we know about “the system.”

When I last saw her at the ER, we had delivered a breathing, moving child, who was no longer blue from choking.  I knew that I had done EVERYTHING I could possibly do, to revive her.  After going through the most traumatic experience in my life, and then the detective’s lengthy verbal assault, I was completely mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted.  It seemed like an unbelievable nightmare that I wanted to wake up from.  All I could think about was “Please God, Let her be OK, and help her make it through this.”

Detective Green had asked me if I would agree to submit to lie detector tests and more videoed testimony, which I very willingly told him I would be glad to cooperate any way I could.  I agreed to meet the very next day and took several lie detector/voice stress tests, and after an hour and a half of questions, I am told that “the results look consistent with the truth.”

I later found out that Detective Green has decided that I was lying, and he labeled my case “Action Recommended.”  Has he somehow manipulated my test results?

Jeff Green then schedules a home visit and to walk through the scene of the incident with me for the following Tuesday morning at 8:30 am.

He never shows up or calls to reschedule his appointment.  I call and leave messages on his voicemail asking what happened, and does he want to reschedule?  He never returns my calls.  I then figure he must have realized the truth.  I had done everything I could to revive her.

I found out later that the detective’s (Jeff Green and Randy Harris) had decided to create an abuse/assault case out of it.  They announced to the medical providers later that “this is a child abuse case.”  We later found this documented in the medical reports.  Now the medical providers are poisoned!

Clackamas County detectives Jeff Green and Randy Harris had already decided one or both of us, was “guilty” of intentionally harming her.  DHS/CPS immediately took custody and then placed her in the foster system with very limited (and only supervised) contact from her family.

During the next year, I was not allowed any contact with her.  Her mother was only allowed very limited, supervised visits (two times per week if she was lucky).  Her primary care providers were not allowed any more contact with her, or “any” information about her condition, no results of any tests.  Her immediate family, including her mother and grandparents were not allowed any medical information or results of any tests — nothing.  A HUGE cover-up scheme!

Both of us later received letters from Heather Kitto (DHS/CPS) charging each of us with neglect, threat of harm, and physical abuse.  Mom was constantly threatened with the state gaining “permanent” custody if she didn’t cooperate with everything they required, including taking parenting classes, psyche evaluation tests, and placing blame on me.  Meanwhile, telling her that she was not a fit parent and that she couldn’t be trusted with her child’s safety.

DHS/CPS had treated her HORRIBLE!  They had taken her child away from her and forced her to cooperate with their every wish and held a permanency hearing above her head till after the trial, making sure she was feeling scared and threatened with never getting her child back.

Two months after the incident, Detective Green showed up and hauled me into jail with assault charges.  Two weeks went by, and I was still not offered any attorney counsel.  During those two weeks, my family made MANY phone calls into the “Court appointed attorneys office” asking Lori when an attorney would be assigned.  No attorney was ever offered, so my family scrambled to find an attorney to help.  They found a referral attorney named Daniel Woram, through prepaid legal services, and hired him after he promised to act “immediately” and provide “aggressive, experienced, thorough, and quality defense.”  Daniel Woram assured my family that he knew everyone involved in the case.  At the time, we thought that was a “good” thing.  HA!  OMG.

We later received documented evidence that he was c”igar smoking buddies” with Detective Jeff Green, who”created” the case.  They had met multiple times over the years at Woram’s home, office, and sports events to share gossip and smoke cigars.

Maybe, a conflict of interest????

We later learned that when these “criminal” attorneys demand $20,000 “up-front, non-refundable, earned-upon-deposit” cash; it does NOT include the thousands of dollars they need for their witnesses and private detectives to make phone calls for them.

We had lots of red flags pop up when we caught our attorney lying to us and not allowing us to have a currently practicing Medical Doctor testify for us.  Woram kept saying I want to “keep it simple.”  We didn’t know that meant to “simply” take away all my chances of a fair trial and give your prosecutor buddy Mike Regan an easy conviction.

To be Continued….

written by inmate Jamie Ryan

William M. Windsor

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