Federal Judge orders that Parties No Longer have Constitutional Rights to Due Process


On July 7, 2011, federal Judge Thomas Woodrow Thrash declared that parties in civil litigation in federal court no longer have any Constitutional rights to due process.

Thrash (aka The Thrasher) issued multiple orders denying the rights of a litigant to pursue his legal claims in court, file motions, call witnesses to give testimony, and much more.

The Thrasher has done this so he and his fellow federal judges have an illegal means to shield themselves from prosecution, indictment, arrest, conviction, imprisonment, disgrace, and impeachment….


This man is a CROOK with a Capital C. 


I will scan and post the orders later tonight as well as some of the motions that he did not allow to be filed.

If anyone reading this thinks that our federal courts are anything but corrupt, then you live in a dream world.  These people will do ANYTHING to damage anyone they choose or need to damage.

The Thrasher has scheduled a hearing for July 15, 2011 at 2:00 pm at which those in attendance will be able to see his evil at work.  I absolutely promise you a hearing filled with verbal and documentary fireworks.  Please come.

More later.

Orders Issued thus far in Civil Action 1:11-CV-01922-TWT:








William M. Windsor

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