2 Hearings set on Same Day as Federal Judges try to “Steal Money” and avoid Jail


Double Your Pleasure…Double Your Fun…with Two (2) Hearings trying to get Windsor…instead of Just One!

That’s right folks.  Judge William S. Duffey (aka Dishonest Duffey) scheduled a hearing for 10:00 am on July 15, 2011.

Now Judge Thomas Woodrow Thrash (aka The Thrasher”) scheduled one for 2:00 pm on July 15….

I wonder if The Thrasher did this to interfere with our Judicial Corruption Meeting in Atlanta from noon to 6 pm on the 15th?!


Someone from inside the government fortress told me this would happen last week, so I’m not surprised.

This new hearing is where The Thrasher will likely enter an order blocking my ability to ever file a lawsuit of any type anywhere in America.

If you thought the Duffey Hearing sounded interesting, this one will be far more interesting.  I will not be deprived of my Constitutional rights, the rights protected by the Bill of Rights, and my most basic fundamental rights as an American.

I plan to call both of these judges as fact witnesses, but they will undoubtedly block me from being able to call any witnesses.  That’s the way the system works here.  Zero rights for people like me who are smart enough and have guts enough to nail these guys to the wall for their crimes.

They can’t risk letting me call witnesses as I will expose all the crimes.

I have asked to have video cameras and news media present.  I have asked permission to broadcast the hearings live online.  That would be exciting!

More later.  It’s 5:22 am, and I’ve been up all night drafting stuff to present to the Clerk for filing at 8:00 am.

William M. Windsor

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