Child Protective Services steals two children. It is not a crime to be poor


When our family moved from Minnesota to North Carolina, we never dreamed our children would be taken from us because we were unemployed.

But that is precisely what happened, and the story is now getting even worse.

My name is Mollie Malone, and this is our story….

In October 2008, my husband, David Malone, lost his job as an over-the-road truck driver in Minnesota.  We moved to Willard North Carolina to stay with David’s half-sister, Brandi Henderson.  The plan was to stay with Brandi until David got a job and we were able to get our own place.  I was seven months pregnant with Frankie, and we already had a 22-month old son, named Junior or “JR.”

We stayed with Brandi for less than a week when the household arrangements were disrupted by a family conflict between David and his half-sister.  We had to find alternative housing.  David had no job; we had very little money;and I was due to deliver my second child in less than two months.  We stayed in motels until the money was beginning to run low.

We asked my adoptive family for assistance, and they refused.  They threw us a few scraps here and there and told us that they could only pray for us and wish us the best.

We moved to Wilmington, North Carolina for an opportunity to find jobs.  We went to the New Hanover County’s Department of Social Services to ask for assistance.  Child Protective Services reported to us that somebody called them to report David and me as low-income and have (a very marketable) young son and about to deliver another.


Frankie and JR Malone

Child Protective Services zealously took JR into custody and placed him in a foster home.  One month later, I gave birth to little Frankie.  Social Services quickly took Frankie into custody when Frankie was only three days old.

David was still unable to find stable employment, and due to the major stress, I was severely depressed.  Losing my children was the worst situation that had ever happened to me in my entire life.  The economy was in a recession, and jobs were very hard to find in the Wilmington area.

Currently, the Boys are in two separate Foster Homes waiting to be adopted by their Foster families.  David and I have lost our parental rights over the boys, and we are trying to appeal the case in federal court.  We are desperately looking for a lawyer who does cases of this level!  We have a deadline of March 6, 2012.

We were forced to move out of North Carolina and back to Minnesota, due to the fact that I was to deliver our third son, Bubba, who was automatically taken into custody because of our other sons being taken in North Carolina.  We got him back after he was two month old.

But now we are being accused of Physical Abuse due to disregard of safety to the newborn child — claiming there was threatened injury because our other boys were taken from us.

In other words, I will be punished for basically having another child…which I believe is a violation of my fundamental right as a mother and a wife to procreate.

This is a Constitutional issue of great public interest to all those who support Pro-Family Values!!

Please help us bring our two beloved sons home to where they belong!  It is NOT a crime to be poor.

written by Mollie Malone



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