Bill Windsor of Lawless America announces plan for combatting Liars and Cyberstalkers


Bill Windsor and Lawless America have been attacked, libeled, slandered, and threatened by people associated with the American Mothers Political Party, and others.  These people are doing this to damage a movement that seeks to save America.

These horrendous liars just keep going and going and going.  So, here’s my new standard operating procedure.  I will be filing complaints and requests for restraining orders in the courts where these liars are active.  This may help some honest spouses to gain custody, etc. or at least serve to set the record straight about the dishonesty of people appearing in that court.  There’s more than one way to obtain “justice” from a court.

The judges may not consider my request for a protective order, but they will get the message as will the opposing party.  I will carefully document the lies so I can prove to the court that these people have lied about me in writing for no reason.  And if they will lie about me when I am trying to help people and save America, then I believe a court should hesitate to believe anything that these people say.

So, I say to all the libelers, slanderers, defamers, cyberstalkers, and crooks, if you want to lie about me and Lawless America, I will expose you where it will hurt the most.  You will become infamous on the Internet, and the opposing party and the court will have evidence to use against you.

After Meet Me in DC, my initial legal filing will be against Claudine Dombroswki, including a filing with the international court that she is involved with.  Then Loryn Ryder, Connie Bedwell, Cheryl Sosby, Shannon E. Miller Hope Hernandez, Kimberly Wigglesworth, Jennifer Herbert, Gail Lakritz, L. Wilson, Diane Gochin, Lisa Jones, Trinity Baker.

Let me show you just some of the horrible stuff that these people have spawned.  WARNING, if this doesn’t gross you out, not much will.  These videos are basically about s*it:


Diarrea Of The Mouth

Lawless America revictimising Women and Children

I downloaded these videos in case they disappear.

I do not like doing this at all, but I am left with no option.  Since these people lie, defame, and harass again and again and again, it appears that I either have to allow them to continue to damage me and Lawless America or battle where it will really hurt.  Slander and lie about me, and I will provide the evidence and sworn affidavits to the court and to their adversaries.

In my 64 years, I have NEVER seen anything like these people.  Hatred seems to just ooze out their pores.  Father haters.  Grandparent haters.  Bill Windsor haters.  Lawless America haters.  Hate, hate, hate, and slander, slander, slander.

All lies, and I can always prove it.

It’s not worth going into the details, but this group has libeled and slandered me.  They are violating our copyrights.  They have blatantly ignored cease and desist and takedown notices.  Some associated with AMPP have breached contracts and, of course, lied about it.  And they have tortiously interfered with our contracts with people filmed.  They have harassed me by email, telephone, and Facebook messages and posts.  I have screenshots, emails, Facebook page archives, and phone messages to prove at least what I and others have seen.

All hate groups are unacceptable to me and should be unaceptable to you.  I will not allow anyone associated with any hate groups to be involved in the movie or our video presentationsYou should know that anyone associated with that group is NOT your friend because they are doing such things in an effort to stop your story from being told and to stop efforts to save America.


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William M. Windsor

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