Bill Windsor and Crystal Cox have suffered whistleblower retaliation


Whistleblower retaliation is against the LAW.

Yet the Missoula Montana Police, Detectives, Judges, County Attorneys and the University of Montana deliberately target those who EXPOSE injustice, corruption and judicial overreach in the State of Montana.

This article was written by Crystal Cox:

It is CLEARLY spelled out in Federal Whistle blower Laws and Regulations that Whistleblower Retaliation is ILLEGAL, yet the Missoula Police Department, Missoula County Attorney, the University of Montana, Missoula County, Ravalli County, and Montana Judges CLEARLY violates the rights of those blowing the whistle on judicial corruption in Montana, on Rapes, stalkers and the crimes that the police are and have committed against the citizens.

Even if you are found to be a criminal, in any way, for any reason, you can still be a whistle blower, as a matter of Law.  Yet Montana Law Enforcement takes a whistle blower, a reporter as they did me, Bill Windsor, and Michael Spreadbury, as well as Mary Deneen, and they place a protective order against them to STOP them from telling about what they know. If they do talk after this, they are threatened with Jail or actually jailed. (False Imprisonment).

If you blog about, or start an independent local newspaper about local corruption in the State of Montana, you are harassed, you are set up, you may even be killed in the back of a cop car and it’s officially called a SUICIDE.  You will face economic terrorism, lose your job, end up in court for things even as small as sound pollution or any law they can find to shut you up.

The Good Cops in Montana are ran out, as they try and stand up to the rogue cops working outside the law and constitutional rights and they are retaliated against in the EXTREME.

Attorneys are afraid to represent folks like me, Michael Spreadbury, Mary Deneen, Bill Windsor and others telling the TRUTH about Montana Law Enforcement and the University of Montana, as they will lose their license to practice law, or worse, in the face of EXTREME RETALIATION. 

We have Civil Rights and a good legal case worth 100’s of millions of dollars. We have a RICO case against all these Montana agencies and Federal Agencies as well as the University of Montana. The pattern and history is very clear, they do the same thing over and over. We have rights and yet no one will represent to sue these folks as they are afraid of the same EXTREME RETALIATON by Montana Law Enforcement who are puppets to much higher powers covering up corruption.

When YOUR Tax dollars are used to pay University’s, Local Federal and State Law Enforcement, FBI bloggers ,and more to harass those that are actually reporting on matters of public concern then something is very WRONG and seriously corrupt.

We have a VERY Good Whistle Blower Legal actions against all Montana Entities who have used extreme retaliation to suppress our speech, chill speech and to flat out STOP the flow of information via UNCONSTITUTIONAL protective orders and EXTREME harassment, intimidation and bullying. If you are an Attorney that wishes to represent in a Whistleblower lawsuit, eMail me at 

The University of Montana, the Missoula Police Department,  Missoula County, Ravalli County, Lincoln County and more of those who have used extreme whistle blower retaliation tactics against us, have undoubtedly received federal grants, block grants, incentives, and other monies in which mean that if one TELLS ON THEM, the whistleblower can receive a percentage of the money in which these agencies misused. You can find all the money they get from the public records and file a Qui Tam legal action, as well as other Whistle Blower Retaliation Legal Action.

The University of Montana and the Missoula Police Department have, in my understanding, recieved many Homeland Security and other Federal Grants over the last 8 years in which they have retaliated against those who are exposing corruption in Montana.

It is not speculation, it is NOT conspiracy theory, it is full out 100% provable fact that I told The University of Montana, the Missoula Police Department,  and many county, state and federal officials what was happening in Montana. I was retaliated against severely and so was Michael Spreadbury, Mary Deneen and Bill Windsor. This is a fact. And still these same government entities, ON YOUR DIME, do all they can to set up, to maliciously prosecute ,to criminally defame and to flat out discredit those trying to let the public know what is really going on with their tax dollars.

This article below is interesting, wonder how many of us reporting on corruption have been on their GET A GRANT because there is an ALLEGED Hazard. I know I was on a watch list at one time and WHY? Well I reported on cops having sex with underage women to get out of a ticket, cops running drugs and protecting rapist and the SOLUTION was to get a grant and go after ME, the one blowing the whistle and trying to give victims a voice.

Group Promoting Peace and Love LABELED as Terrorists in Montana

The Missoula Police Department will withdraw a Homeland Security grant application that names the Rainbow Family as an extremist “hazard,”

File a Freedom of Information Request to the University of Montana, Homeland Security, Missoula County, the Missoula Police Department, and the Missoula County Attorney office.

File a Freedom of Information Request to see how much FEDERAL Money they get to call us anti-corruption bloggers terrorists.

I would say One should get FOI requests to the Missoula Police Department to see how many homeland security GRANTS, Federal Money, DOJ Grants, they got to harass anti-corruption bloggers and whistleblowers?  Then we can SUE them in a Qui Tam legal action.

Me reporting the TRUTH on massively corrupt, sexual deviant cops in Lincoln County Montana must have got local law enforcement all kinds of money. I know in the summer of 2009 there was a grant of around $400,000 to the Libby Law Enforcement from Homeland Security. They used it to bulk up hours and overtime, and harass those of us TELLING ON THEM.

Cops were seen running drugs, rapists were protected as they were said to be running drugs for the cops. We reached out to the highest agencies in the State of Montana we could and NO HELP was ever given to us. The Law Enforcement was and is a super power that is Above the Law in MT.

Sometimes I would call my home and get homeland security, the thing is all I was doing was trying to do is to get police to prosecute rapists. Now the DOJ investigated the University of Montana and the Missoula Police in regard to massive investigated or prosecuted rapes. The thing is they don’t care about RAPE. Its all about protecting law enforcement and shutting up whistle blowers, who are often times the GOOD COPS trying to do what is right.

ALL I was doing was trying to REPORT RAPES that were not investigated in Montana and I suffered EXTREME Retaliation from Cops, Judges, County Attorneys and more in the State of Montana, as did Michael Spreadbury. Film Producer and Anti-Corruption blogger, whistle blower Bill Windsor reported our story and then he himself faced this same EXTREME Retaliation and even worse civil rights violations. All because he obeyed the LAW and told the TRUTH about what is REALLY, Truly going on in the beautiful State of Montana.

Expose Government WASTE. Get a List of Federal Grants these folks get and EXPOSE that they used the money to SILENCE anti-corruption bloggers and to RETALIATE against Whistleblowers.

Check this information out folks, Missoula Montana takes too much FEDERAL money and what do they do, they violate the rights of Montana Citizens, of rape victims and of those doing the right thing and actually reporting the TRUTH.

Below are some articles on local concern and issues with Homeland Security Grants that enable Missoula County, Missoula Police and the University of Montana to TARGET anti-corruption bloggers, to retaliate against us and to IGNORE the rights of rape and stalking victims and other major crimes in effort to cover up for ocal law enforcement and mysterious political agendas.

Public urges Missoula council to be cautious with Homeland Security grants

The Missoula Police Department and the University of Montana use FEDERAL MONEY to harass anti-corruption bloggers and to RETALIATE against Whistle Blowers. 

Who will represent us in a Qui Tam legal action to prove that they have misused these grants?

Police Seek DHS Grant to Deal With “Extremist” Hippy..

IT is TIME for a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION Request to find out how many times the Missoula Police have sought these grants to come after those of us who are trying to make the world a better place.

I am the GOOD GUY. Bill Windsor is the Good Guy. Michael Spreadbury is the GOOD GUY. Yet they target us, make us look the criminal in court, jail us, target us, retaliate against us, ruin our life, business, health and family and violate our human and constitutional rights, and all to protect rapists, corrupt cops, and to keep the grant money pouring on. We are the Collateral Damage, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  Tell the TRUTH. Obey the LAW.

COPS Technology and COPS Technology X2, nearly a million dollars and the Missoula Police REFUSE to actually track IP’s and do anything really technical?? WOW !!
“Fund provided by the Department of Justice, COPS Office enable the Missoula Police Department to increase its effectiveness and efficient. It also enhances the technological capacity of our department to assist in problem solving and other community policing activities.”

TELL the DOJ what the Missoula Police Really did with that MONEY.

Time to EXPOSE Every CENT that the Missoula Police use to SHAKE DOWN, Criminally Defame and Maliciously Prosecute whistle blowers, reporters, film producers and ant-corruption bloggers.

FOI Request on EVERY Single Grant that the Missoula Police Department Got and what they REALLY Did with it.

Get a List of All Federal Block Grants used to FUND the Missoula Police and the University of Montana as the RETALIATE against whistle blowers.
The Missoula Police Department gets Department of Justice Grants to VIOLATE the rights of victims of real crimes  in Missoula Montana. 
The Rainbow Gather was a HUGE Media Storm for the Missoula Police Department as was the maswsive uninvestigated RAPES on the University of Montana Campus. However it is time to research all DOJ funding to the Missoula police and ALL Missoula Police Department Homeland Security Grants and what they were actually used for.
MisUSE of Department of Justice GRANTS is a Public Issue

Whistle Blower Information

A Bit on Whistle Blower Settlement


A Bit about Whistle Blower Retaliation

Protected whistleblowing is defined as disclosing information
that the discloser reasonably believes evidences:

1. a violation of law, rule, or regulation;

2. gross mismanagement;
3. gross waste of funds;
4. an abuse of authority; or
5. a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety.

“If you believe that you have been subject to retaliation for protected
whistleblowing you can file a complaint with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC). OSC is an independent agency that investigates and prosecutes allegations of prohibited personnel practices (PPP) by federal employees.”

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Whistle Blower Protection Act



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