Battling Corruption — Here’s what You must do to help us become “Mainstream Media” – Part 2

Will you donate 10 minutes a day to play an important role in fixing our country?

Ladies and gentlemen, if we all do nothing but talk about fixing America, we might as well move to a Communist country or someplace in the Middle East where at least they don’t pretend that you have rights. If we don’t act, no one will act for us.

One of the most important things that we must do in battling corruption is to get publicity.  Here’s how we will do it (Part 2)….

As you learned in Part 1 of GRIP’s plan to create a network of websites that becomes “mainstream media,” Facebook is an important part of this strategy.

Facebook gives us the ability to reach millions of people. Some object to Facebook because it makes your personal information available. I personally am not worried about that, but if you are, simply do not give Facebook any valid personal information. If you must, go to and set up a separate account. Don’t put in any of your personal information. Open a new yahoo or gmail account if you want any email to be separate. Then do the tasks that I have requested. If you will, please email me at and tell me your real name and “alias” so I will have a record of who’s who. You can use your same “alias” on YouTube, if you like.

The next task requires that you have a Facebook account. And this is a really important task, so PLEASE have a Facebook account set up as detailed in Part 1 of GRIP’s Plan. If you want bto be sure that email from these Causes does not come to your primary email address, simply set up a new Yahoo email account.  Then use this new account as the email address on your Facebook Account.

This task is for you to become a member of hundreds of Facebook Causes.  Facebook Causes are simply causes that individuals have set up to gather like-minded people on issues ranging from pizza lovers to those who oppose nuclear bombs.  I have joined over 300 – either because they are against dishonesty and corruption in government or because they have significant numbers of members.  My goal is to reach the millions of members of these Causes for GRIP.

Some say they object to some causes.  Simply skip those.  But what we are out to do is reach as many people as possible with our message, so their message can be totally inconsequential to us.  You can paste a message that says “I support your right to have this cause.”

What will happen if each of you joins all 300 of these causes is that I will become a top recruiter for the causes, and the Administrators for each cause should then reply to me.  If we can get all of these Cause Administrators helping us, we will reach MILLIONS.  And that’s our main goal.

If you haven’t already, you must join the Cause — “Support the Constitution, Bill of Rights, & Honesty in Government.”  Go to the Cause Home Page and join.  If you are a Facebook member, it takes 15 seconds.  If you aren’t, please register; you don’t have to give up any data that you don’t wish to share.

Task #7

Be sure you are logged in to Facebook.  Then click on each of the links below, and click to join these causes.  What this will do is put many of us into causes that are compatible with our goals to fix America.  It will show me as your recruiter, so this will make me (and thus our Cause) more important to this cause’s members.

Once you have joined, you will see my photo in the “Friends in the Cause” section in the right column.  You may also see my name in Top Recruiters list. (If everyone reading this does this, I will become the top recruiter in virtually all of these causes, and this will help me influence more people for our cause.

After joining each, post a story, such as:

“We must elect government officials who tell the truth at all times and respect our fundamental rights at all times. We support your cause, and we hope you will support ours.

Now, here’s the list of causes to join.  Skip any that don’t match your beliefs, but I tried to pick causes that were compatible:


Ladies and gentlemen, this will take only a few hours of your time.  Keep track of where you ended, and come back to this page until you have had time to complete the list.

The problem is that most of you will read this article and will do nothing.  Please ask yourself if you would be happy if your children and grandchildren had all of their money stolen from them by the government and they were sent to prison for the rest of their lives for doing absolutely nothing wrong.  If we don’t act now to educate our fellow Americans about the dishonesty and corruption in government, this could be the fate of your children and grandchildren.  We currently have no viable means to check the tyrannical power of our misguided government officials.  So, PLEASE, take just a few hours, and do this.

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