Amanada Harris loses her children in North Carolina due to expired Drivers License


On March 25, 2011, a North Carolina police offer pull Amanada Harris from her vehicle and proceed to accuse her of “child abuse” of her two children, ages 2 and 4. 

The children were healthy, clean, and strapped into their car seats in the back of my car.

She will tell her story for the movie, LawlessAmerica…

Amanada Harris is one of hundreds of parents who have had their children taken away by a dishonest, corrupt, or out-of-control government system that deals with chilldren and families. 

This is the story of Amanada Harris:

The officer arrested me, charged with two counts of child abuse (one for each child), and for driving with my license expired. Not suspended or taken, EXPIRED; not speeding or driving bad or drinking or drugs.

I was placed under $63,000 bond.

I am a stay-at-home disabled mother of two. I’m 27, but I look like I’m 16. I have blue hair and facial piercings. I think that had a lot to do with it.

I have NEVER had a driving with license expired charge before, an arrest, or even as much as a traffic ticket since 2005!!!! I have no DUI’s or drug charges or felony traffic offenses. EVERYTHING on the car was legal. Tag papers and insurance were all good.

A DSS worker was called, and they took my two children on the spot. They claimed “dependency” — that my children were dependent on me, and I was in handcuffs on my way to jail all because my DRIVERS LICENSE EXPIRED.

They refused to release my two children to my fianc√©e, Matthew A Wishart, whom had been helping me care for the children for the past five months.

My picture appeared in the local paper as a child abuser, so my landlady illegally evicted me from my home where I’d been living for six months. The paper never bothered to publish that they dropped the child abuse charges. But because my church family came to my house and moved all of my things out of it as I had no hope whatsoever of making the unreasonable bond I was not able to sue my landlady for damages from the illegal eviction. This gave DSS (Department of Social Services), who took my children, even more fuel for their fire. They could then claim they are taking my children because I’m homeless.

It is a year later, and I’m still fighting to get my children back. I very quickly completed every task they set in front of me, and they just keep coming up with more. MY ENTIRE LIFE WAS TAKEN AWAY BECAUSE MY DRIVER‚ÄôS LICENSE EXPIRED. I was homeless for more than six months, and I lost my entire family. Matthew Wishart left me three months ago because he could no longer continue the struggle and mental anguish of losing EVERTHING and never being able to get the kids back.

There is a complete paper trail for everything I’m telling you and firsthand witnesses. A lot of things got crazy for a while being homeless and that‚Äôs a whole other story, so I will have to sit down and write it out.


William M. Windsor

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