Aaron Wemple has been denied every civil right and has suffered every type of punishment possible in a 17-year battle for fatherly rights and responsibilities


Aaron Wemple has been denied every civil right and has suffered every type of punishment possible in a 17-year battle for fatherly rights and responsibilities.

Aaron Wemple is one of over 800 people who will be filmed for Lawless America…The Movie.

This is Aaron Wemple’s story….

My name is Aaron Wemple.  I am an author, engineer and founding director of the Upright U.S.A. mission.

From a lifetime of experience in family court, I have discovered that the current corruption within the judicial branch, and now most of government today, runs very deep.

The pressure of politics, has enabled this corruption, and will continue to encourage by neglect, this corruption.

Being an engineer, I have been able to diagnose the problems that have led to the current state of mass corruption within our judiciary.

But on the other hand, I know what it would take to save the people.

The initial cause of these corrupt effects was enabling those who manage our judicial branch of government to systematically eliminate Constitutional Due Process, thus rendering we the people useless, null and void in our own courts. Which is the back side of every policy, practice and department of government and society.

On the front side of all this corruption, congressional officials refuse to get involved because they are too busy chasing their own vanity, pride and paycheck. In other words, they get paid to look the other way.

So inevitably, the blame goes nowhere. And we are all in too deep now since most people have bought into corruption as a way of life. We’ve been taken advantage of for so long that it has become acceptable.

People today are used instead of being upheld.

In my 17 year battle, simply trying to get fatherly rights and fatherly responsibilities, with no success, local, state, and federal officials all look the other way to save face.

But, inevitably, I was denied every civil right that I own, suffered every type of punishment possible, just so the state bar members could keep their power base, and so that our officials could keep looking pretty without getting their hands dirty.

I found it much easier, and the only way to possibly get justice, to declare my independence, to stop paying taxes to support corruption, and to stop enabling them to be corrupt by ignoring them, and to just start fresh.

I’ve just been used and abused my whole life for their posture and profit anyway.

Because, unfortunately, no one in government cares for the common person anymore, or has the where with all to find and implement solutions to known problems.

Congress has Constitutional jurisdiction and Constitutional precedence over all inferior courts. But they choose to stay disenfranchised. So that leaves every other American subject to state bar members. Those who profit off of problems. Which is a fatal flaw.

This scheme of things is counter-intuitive and counter-productive to any healthy economy, society and even government.

In my home state of Illinois, I have accused every judge and every attorney (all state bar members) with racketeering, treason, and extortion.

I will never get a fair day in court again, not that I ever have.

You see, I’m entitled to a speedy, public, jury to decide every case. Which I have yet to receive.

And these state bar members, while officially enable, enforce jail, fines, career demise, even psychological trauma per court orders if and when I demand my civil rights.

I couldn’t even buy a day in federal court to resolve these issues.

Their practice and their rituals have become superior to we the peoples rights and responsibilities.

As have political officials practice of complacency.

These problems are a direct result of a Constitutional Due Process that doesn’t exist anymore. And in its place, a due process that borders on witchcraft.

There are fundamental problems within the judicial branch of government bestowed to exploit the people without anyone being the wiser. Inherent flaws that can, and will, only get worse and worse as time goes on.

The courts have become a catalyst of decay to our nation on the back side of every policy, practice and department. On the backs of we the people who pay for it all, and suffer from it all.

And finding, accepting and fixing those problems is in no way conducive to the popularity contest that it takes to win any election on the front side.

Therefore, we the people are left hung out to dry. Used and abused so that politicians can get their complacent vanity fix, and so the court managers get their power paycheck fix.

William M. Windsor

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