You can be in Lawless America…The Movie – Documentary about Government Corruption to be filmed in All 50 States


We want YOU to be in LAWLESS AMERICA…THE MOVIE, a documentary about judicial corruption and government corruption.  The movie will be filmed in all 50 states and will feature at least one victim from each state.

The movie will be a Lawless America Production with all proceeds donated to GRIP (Government Reform & Integrity Platform).  Screenwriter Denise Loughlin has volunteered her services, and we will be looking for all types of help with the movie.

It is our hope that this movie can educate many, many people about the reality that America is broken.  This article has been updated, so click here.

The plan is for me to hop in a unique vehicle and drive to all 50 states filming interviews with victims in every state.  We will visit every state capital.  Much of the filming will be done in front of courthouses or the capitol buildings.


This map shows the itinerary — starting in Atlanta and heading West.  From Olympia, Washington, we will head up to Juneau, Alaksa.  Upon the return to Atlanta, I will fly to Honolulu as the 50th state.  The trip will take 127 days.

The itinerary has been carefully planned to allow one weekday for protesting at the courthouse and the capital in each state.  I have driven to all 50 states previously on one continuous trip called Round America, so I know what it takes.  If we can get the preparatory work done in time, this schedule would enable the trip to be in DC for the Fourth of July.

  • Driving in an attention-getting vehicle — antique hearse or police car or big bus — with attention-getting signs.
  • Filming a “movie.”¬Ě
  • Inviting folks to turn out to be in the movie!  Everyone who shows up on the courthouse steps gets in the movie and gets their name in the credits.
  • Posting to YouTube daily, so people can follow the trip each day with video reports.
  • Petitioning at the county courthouse in every capital when we are in town.
  • Have someone in each state try to line up one or more speaking engagement.
  • Should be media-worthy.  Local and maybe national.
  • The website can show the itinerary and maps showing the route as it is planned and taken.
  • The movie can reach a significant audience, and if we do a great job, the audience can be really, really significant.

Interviews Needed

We need to interview people with excellent stories of government corruption and judicial corruption.  I have entered the names of people who I would like to interview, but we need to identify many more, and we need to be sure we interview those with the best stories.  Please email me at if you would like to be interviewed, or if you can recommend people.  Please try to send me names, address, telephone numbers, and email addresses.

Help Needed

We need people with motion picture production skills to volunteer their skills.  This will be a unique project, and it will look good on a resume, but there will be no pay to anyone.  All revenues generated will be donated to GRIP.  Especially helpful will be people who can volunteer to help with the production work in each capital city; we will need a camera operator, lighting assistant, and audio assistant at each stop.  We will also need one production assistant who can ensure that we get talent waivers signed by those who appear on camera.

The best way to do this most effectively would be if we had an RV or a “Tour Bus.”  If anyone has something to donate, that would be spectacular.  If we had an RV or a Tour Bus, we could work as we travel; we could also eliminate hotels and motels.

I can do it alone, but it would be great if some folks would volunteer to join up for a week or more at a time to help out and share driving.

A Public Relations person will be needed to send out news releases and coordinate media coverage.  My wife and I got a lot of media coverage on our 2003 50-state trip, but it would have been much better if someone had been handling it for us.

Click here to see the updated list of those who are scheduled to be interviewed.

State Capital Date Interviews
Georgia Atlanta  03/21/2012

Shellie Youhoing-Nanan, Ed Dort, Evelyne Ennis, Anne Batte, Leonard Rowe, Sabrina Felton, Jeff Goolsby, Scott Hintz, Alex Higdon, Kimberly T. Spence, GB’s daughter, Barbara Rose, Gege Odion, Michael Blascoe, R.N. McGhee, Ulysses Cooper, Wendy Lewis, Bill Moore, Ms. Sophia, Jennifer Lane, Tom Coleman, Tammy Harner, Keith Davidson, Wanda Spann, Jim Cunningham, Torrey Coleman, Angela Leonard, James W. Anderson, Ed Kramer, Gary Brown, Lee Fowler

Florida Tallahassee  03/23/2012 Joe Norman, Gloria Hellman, Michelle Christenson, Bob Hurt, Bill Corbin, David Harbin, Eliot Bernstein, Larry Hohol, Francesca Moore, Karen Shaw, Charlie Grapski, Jay Koffler, Linda Parlato, Marty Parlato, Mark Glasser, Drew Baas, Ricardo Rivero, Bill Waldron, Randy White, David Callihan, Marian Scirrotto, Alicia El, Randall Townsend, James Petruska, William Dunn, Randy Kluge
Alabama Montgomery  03/25/2012 Nancy Swan, Michael Caraway, Henry David Walker, Lesley Pacey, Roger Shuler, Max Shelby, Joseph Blackburn, Angela Turner Drees, Sherry Carroll Rollins, Susan Raybon, Jacqueline Maier, Todd Brown, Quesha Powell, Jessie Tompkins, Jene Walker Roy, Christina Cottrell
Mississippi Jackson  03/27/2012 Perry Berens, Lynda Pearson Barnett
Louisiana Baton Rouge  03/29/2012 Sue Bell, Carl Bernofsky, Ashton O’Dwyer, Katherine Conner
Arkansas Little Rock  04/01/2012 James Twoeagles, Kenneth Hunt, Teresa Register, David Vandenberg
Missouri Jefferson City  04/03/2012 Robert Gipson, Allie Overstreet, Ken Auman
Kansas Topeka  04/06/2012 Spencer C. Young, Marlene Jones
Oklahoma Oklahoma City  04/08/2012 Dana Lawhon, Kelley Casey, Jessie Dilbeck, Piper Accettella
Texas Austin  04/10/2012 Denise Loughlin, Jon Roland, Diana Mejorada, William R. Noack, Jeff Baron, John Margetis, Latifa Ring, David Rodriguez, Kathie Seidel, Thot Criminill, Tracy Peterson, Lupe Sarabia, Beverly Williams Donias
New Mexico Santa Fe  04/14/2012 Dan Jeffre, Stephen Blanco
Colorado Denver  04/17/2012 Wesley Hoyt, Lydia Joy Chichester, Jessica Garay, Ethel Lopez, Stacy Slayton
Wyoming Cheyenne  04/20/2012 Crystal Cox, Jesse Adam Kasky
Utah Salt Lake City  04/22/2012 Rhonda Dzierzon, Steve Murphy, Pat Murphy
Arizona Phoenix  04/25/2012 Darla Dawald, Bruce Olsen, Karla Johnson, Walter Burien, Tiffani Johnson
California Sacramento  04/29/2012

Ron Branson, Joseph Zernik, Richard Fine, Larry Mendoza, Erin Baldwin, Kelly Z. Mordecai, Sharon Stephens, Daniel Cooper, Michael Warnken, Karen Harold, Ronald Pierce, Lawrence John, William D. Goble, Robert James Patterson, Peter Clark

Nevada Carson City  05/01/2012 Phil Stimac, Penny Brock, Mary Lupton
Oregon Salem  05/04/2012 Larry Reid, Karellen Stephens, Beth Wallace, Karen Bitz, Delilah Michael, Miriam Krause, Melissa Gaston, John Ross, Erna Boldt, Diane Firestone, Tammy Graham, Barbara Montrond
Washington Olympia  05/06/2012 Doug Schafer, Kimberly Manrique, Pamela Taylor, Avis Hamlin, Ann Tontini, Bill Scheidler, Mary Nettie August, Mark Supanich, Mary Lupton, Adam Assenberg
Alaska Juneau  05/09/2012 Roger Silook, Shannon Silook
Idaho Boise  05/13/2012 Cyndi Steele, Velayna Jeunessa Howardd, Diane Anderson
Montana Helena  05/15/2012 Iolio Jones, April Gates
North Dakota Bismarck  05/18/2012 Ed Curtis, Darin Kasprowicz
South Dakota Pierre  05/20/2012 Gene Paulson, Marshall Prichard, Rouse Family
Nebraska Lincoln  05/22/2012 Eric Sage
Iowa Des Moines  05/24/2012 Colleen A. Collins, Deb McIntosh Heiar
Minnesota St. Paul  05/27/2012 Don Mashak, Sharon Anderson, Mollie Malone, Marlena Fearing, Jill Clarke, Linda Simon, Bill McGaughey
Wisconsin Madison  05/30/2012 Kay Sieverding, Basia Kowalik
Illinois Springfield  06/01/2012 Lydia Price, Aaron Wemple, Sue Bridgman, Gayle Ayala, Kim Dillon, David Bambic
Indiana Indianapolis  06/03/2012 Dave LeForge, Steve Gilmore, Roger Shindell, Gary Helman
Michigan Lansing  06/05/2012 David Schied, Sally Borghese, Freddie Pinkney, Debbie Tucker Williams, Ahmed Ramer, Rehab Amer, Dale Trowbridge, Fraczek Family, McConnell Family, Charles Wright
Ohio Columbus  06/07/2012 Christopher House, Nancy Rolfe, C. Prater, Rosanna Miller
Pennsylvania Harrisburg  06/10/2012

Richard Hvizdak, Roxanne Grinage, Lindsey Anne Griffiths, Margaret Motheral, Mary Ann Lubas

New York Albany  06/12/2012 Will Gallison, Bob Schulz, Betsy Combier, Carl Lanzisera, Elena Sassower, Pat Brady, Joseph LoBianco, Sophie Ruffian, Kris Sergentakis
New Hampshire Concord  06/15/2012 David Aiken, Ed Bryans
Vermont Montpelier  06/17/2012 Steven G. Erickson, Thomas J. Hackett
Maine Augusta  06/19/2012 Paula Michaud, Debbie Reagan, Lisa Malta
Massachusetts Boston  06/21/2012 David C. Grossack, Kyung Trotter, Zed McLarnen, Adrienne McGlone, Robin Shaye, Deb Della Piana
Rhode Island Providence  06/24/2012

Keven McKenna, Rebecca McLaughlin, Patrice Livingston, MINK Squad

Connecticut Hartford  06/26/2012 Andrea Wilson
New Jersey Trenton  06/28/2012 Zahra Ali El, Mohamed Khalil, Peter I. Militante, Lori Rogers, Ben Barlyn, Joyce Allison Cappello, Matthew Taylor
Delaware Dover  07/01/2012  
DC Washington  07/03/2012 Lori Saxon, Janice (Mary), Deanne Rose Upson, Gloria Ford
Maryland Annapolis  07/06/2012 George McDermott, Torina Collis, Ted Palmer, David Carlin
Virginia Richmond  07/08/2012 Ruth Chichester, Lori Saxon, Kit Slitor, Nancy Hey
West Virginia Charleston  07/10/2012 Hugh Caperton
Kentucky Frankfort  07/12/2012 Melanda Adams, Marla Wright, Michelle Looney, Michael P. Green
Tennessee Nashville  07/14/2012 Dennis Schuelke, Kathy Watson, Christina Quinn, Karen Caldwell, Don Acree, Heather Russell Wilder, Charlotte Jeffries
North Carolina Raleigh  07/17/2012 Rod Class, Sonya Braxton, Ronald Reale, Panela Lofland
South Carolina Columbia  07/19/2012 Roslyn Holman, Alan Sheppard, Paul Clements, Charles Ward
Hawaii Honolulu  07/23/2012 J.P. Grund, Diane Booth

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