Yes, we have a Constitutional Crisis


David LaRocque says we have a Constitutional crisis.

He sums up his views in one paragraph.

While I don’t know if I can agree with some of what he says, he makes it crystal clear what a crisis we have….

David LaRocque: “When we have an ineligible president, an unconstitutional monetary system, unconstitutional czars, unresponsive elected representatives, a thoroughly corrupt federal court system, undeclared wars in violation of the Constitution, an unconstitutional tax system, numerous federal agencies and departments that undertake roles far exceeding the limitations of the Constitution, serious and growing abridgement of specific constitutional rights originating from our Creator and guaranteed by the Constitution, unconstitutional infringement of the rights and prerogatives of the states on a massive scale, unconstitutional land grabs by an out-of-control federal government, outrageous abuses of governmental powers in a wide variety of areas (including the infamous TSA operation, the EPA, the IRS, the DHS, the ATF, the DEA, the CIA, the FBI, the Forest Service, the Fish and Wildlife Service as examples), a socialist welfare scheme that is both unconstitutional and is bankrupting the country, no federal budget for three years running, a “First Lady” who desires to be addressed as “Your Excellency” and has a personal staff paid for by the taxpayers as large as some small agencies, an administration overrun with individuals committed by their Marxist political philosophy to the overthrow of the Constitution and the rule of law, a so-called “Congressional Research Service” which manufactures lies intended to deceive the American people, a Department of Justice that is so corrupt that it defies comprehension and acts as if it is above the law, a corrupt Congress whose members openly exploit their positions of trust for personal financial and political gain, a Supreme Court with members who brazenly defy the obligation of recusal in the face of outrageous conflicts of interest, a Speaker of the House who proclaims that a bill must be passed before we can find out what is in it, unconstitutional “government sponsored enterprises” (including FNMA and Freddie Mac) which have incurred huge losses arising from politically-motivated policies and which losses were borne by the taxpayers while virtually destroying large sectors of the national economy, the passage of a plainly unconstitutional health care bill which will almost certainly destroy what is left of the economic vitality of the nation and insure the descent of the nation into a fiscal abyss from which there can be no recovery, election fraud on a massive scale, and on and on – well we just don’t have much of a Constitution left, in my opinion.”

About David LaRocque

David LaRocque is a Vietnam veteran, having served in the U.S. Navy as a naval aviator. He has a B.S degree in metallurgical engineering and an MBA degree in finance/accounting. He retired from the U.S. Naval Reserve with the rank of Commander USNR, and is also a retired Trans World Airlines captain with 32 years of service in both domestic and international flying. As a plaintiff in the Barnett case, he attended all three hearings in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California in Santa Ana, CA presided over by Judge David O. Carter.

LaRocque has written a number of articles for the web sites: 

In addition, LaRocque worked with several local colleagues on eligibility issues. He and two of his colleagues met on two occasions in the offices of their congressman, Rep. Brian Bilbray (Rep-CA 50) to discuss their concerns regarding Obama’s eligibility, once with Rep Bilbray himself.  More recently, on June 9, 2011, they met with Mr. Steve Danon, Chief of Staff to Rep. Bilbray to discuss the issue of allegations of criminal acts committed by Obama in connection with the release of a fraudulent document purported to be an original long form Hawaiian birth certificate.


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