Would you believe Utah ranks as The Most Corrupt State in a recent Nationwide Poll?


A recent nation wide poll rated US State Governments on their competency, honesty and genuine hard work for the betterment of their state citizens.

The results are a shocker, but worse yet is how the number one state on the list continues to mislead the populous into believing their economy is a sound, happy economy in comparison to other US states….WHAT?!

With ever growing dissatisfaction by the US population with the lies, deceit and corruption within closed doors of State Governments, Americans are finally getting it, according to the recent nation wide survey.

Occupy Wall St is working towards structional change. A system based on the inherent have and have nots.  The irony of the resistance movement is their use of the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to achieve their goal.   The agenda: To oust the one percent greedy and corrupt politicians and corporate tycoons who rule if not by the sword than by the dollar, while taking care of the 99% American population.

The problem with bad economy and corruption does not lie at the federal government level but within the 50 State Governments that have been sitting on the country’s wealth and refusing to perform for its local population.  From county governments, city administration and state level politicians, the country is being ruled by a hard fist that incorporates the politicians, justice system and law enforcement as their means of control.  As long as the corporate elite remain in control of American society, an immoral privilage bestowed upon by state goverments, they will retain economic control thus leading to political power and vice versa.

By shifting the dynamics, the deceit of state governments continue to point the finger at Federal level, when infact, state governments have been riding the privilaged ride too long. The only jobs that really interest politicians is construction. Why do state governments insist that owning a home is the ‘American dream’ ? Because every time a home is built, the local government benifits to the max! From property taxes and buildng permit fees to utility installment fees and the list goes on and on.

“We’re for the People” have an amazing organized sytem brewing to cover their protestors. With donations pouring in every day from all over the country, from food supplies to basic neccessaties like medical, blankets, tents, clothing etc. this revolution is not going away any time soon.

While there is a strong media presence, local talent has basically taken over the promotion amicably, doing the necessary filming and editing, while encouraging the nation to take on the task in every city possible.

Each day protesters stage a morning bell march to coincide with the clanging at 9:30 am of the “bell” that marks the start of trading at the Stock Exchange. Another boot to Wall Street, who during the onslaught of the American recession, were only concerned about the collapse of the stock market, while the rest of the country could go to hell, literally!

Amen to our 99% of US citizens, kudos and kudos again on your honorable efforts. God’s speed, my fellow country men and women, I will not stop reporting on your vision to fight the good fight!

Top ten most dishonest state governments:

10. Alabama
9. Tennessee
8. Missouri
7. Iowa
6. Florida
5. New York
4. Texas
3. Nevada
2. Arizona
1. Utah

Attribution: Yahoo


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