Winston Frost’s Attorney Michon Hughes files a $69,000 Lien for Non-Payment


Winston Frost‘s Attorney Michon Hughes has filed a $69,000 Lien for Non-Payment

This is close to a quarter of a million in liens filed against Winston Frost in just the last few months.

Winston Frost is an attorney who was exposed on the Dr. Phil Show as a liar and an alleged con man by his wife, fomer wife, and ex fiance.

Winston Frost is trying to evict his wife, Tanya Hathaway, from their home.  It’s a long story better understood by reading articles at www.winstonfrost.com

Winston Frost’s Attorney, Michon Miller Hughes of Miller Hughes Law Firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has given up on him and filed a $69,848.78 Lien for unpaid attorney’s bills on July 25, 2016.

Here’s the lien: FD-2014-1476-2016-07-25-Notice-of-Attorney-Lien

Gee, can you imagine a lowlife like Winston Frost not paying his attorney?

Unfortunately, the bad news is that this puts a lien on the home that Tanya Hathaway is supposed to own half of in Springfield, New Hampshire.

But the good news is that Tanya Hathaway beat them both to the punch and has a $178,442.74 lien filed months ago: 2016-07-18-Writ-of-Attachment-Sullivan-County-Register-of-Deeds-Records-Winston-Frost

Once Winston Frost found out that his wife is one of the ladies I am helping in horrendous cases of judicial corruption, he joined the Joeyisalittlekid Gang and began filing defamatory statements about me in his court filings with his wife.

The latest is that I threatend to kill someone and am wanted by law enforcement to stand trial for the death threat, supposedly facing seven years in a penitentiary in some unidentified location.  According to a New London, New Hampshire man, Gary Mattos, this is all fact.  He says he was told this by his attorney, Susan Hankin-Birke of McSwiney, Semple, Hankin-Birke & Wood, P.C. of New London, New HampshireSusan Hankin-Birke has been asked to admit or deny whether this is true.  She has failed to respond.  But Gary Mattos has been spewing hate.  Surprise, surprise, Gary Mattos is Tanya Hathaway’s ex-husband who has teamed up with Tanya Hathaway’s husband, Winston Frost, as they try try to screw her financially.
Winston Frost‘s attorney in New Hampshire, Anthony Santoro, published in court documents that I am a sovereign and am “on the lam.”  No, I am not.  Slimy attorneys (most of them) will say anything.
Oh, and according to attorney Anthony Santoro, I videotape depositions, edit them, and then publish them online.  Anthony Santoro and Winston Frost made this up because one of the world’s biggest liars, Winston Frost, is trying to avoid a deposition.  I have never filmed a deposition and edited it to show only what I want.  I filmed an empty chair once when the deponent didn’t show up.  I thought that was very clever.  But I have never filmed a person’s deposition and posted it anywhere.  I have never done anything vexatious in any court, and any alleged order that claims I have is void.
Photo copyright Tanya Hathaway

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