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Windsor spends the day Just Twiddling His Thumbs


Now how many of you SERIOUSLY think I ever spend my days twiddling thumbs?

It was a cage rattling day.

I’ve rattled the cages of the Governor, Attorney General, Fulton County Sheriff, FBI, Fulton County Superior Court, and more….

The outrage from many of you about what happened to me yesterday has been uniform.  I have undeniable proof of jury tampering, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice.  Now we’ll see if anyone with any government anywhere will do anything about it.


Several people have emailed wanting me to post a tape recording online.  Sorry, but I won’t be doing that.  Think about it.  The greatest power of a tape recording is that if the other side fears you have one, they probably have to be a whole lot more honest than they would be otherwise.  If you let them hear whatever you may have recorded, then there is no fear factor left.  I have seen the power of tape recordings a number of times over the years.

 Today, I sent Foreman Steve Broadbent and Assistant District Attorney Waverly Settles a copy of the story about what happened yesterday.  I have asked them to correct IN WRITING anything that they say is not accurate.  I plan to issue Jack and Margy Flynn’s Presumptive Letters and Affidavits.  I will post these and explain them once I get some produced.

As my friend Joe has said, the folks at the District Attorney’s Office  have to ask themselves which would they be better off doing: Outing corruption in the courts or Facing Obstruction and Jury Tampering charges and prison.

Our goal, ladies and gentlemen, is to establish a solid precedent that a citizen does have the right to present charges to a Grand Jury, and the Grand Jurors have a duty to investigate and bring charges.  Georgia statutes O.C.G.A. 15-12-67 and O.C.G.A. 15-12-74 make this quite clear.

William M. Windsor

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