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William M. Windsor nominated as candidate for Chief Magistrate Judge of Cobb County Georgia


William M. Windsor has been nominated as candidate for Chief Magistrate of Cobb County Georgia.

“This is an extremely powerful position, so I am delighted to be nominated.  I will use this nomination in an effort to educate hundreds of thousands about judicial corruption, attorney misconduct, and government corruption.”

The election is in November, and I need almost 20,000 signatures to get my name on the ballot….

There are almost 400,000 registered voters in Cobb County, Georgia, and it will take 190,000 votes to win.

While I am going in with every intention of working hard to win, I am realistic — this is the longest of longshots.  Even getting the necessary signatures may prove impossible since I spend 18 hours a day working on judicial corruption and government corruption nationally….and I am scheduled to drive to all 50 state capitals for 127 days starting March 21 while producing a documentary movie on judicial corruption.

I am interested in this position, and I believe others who want judicial reform should be interested in this position in their counties, because the Chief Magistrate gets to hire and fire all of the magistrate judges.  There are 14 magistrate judges in Cobb County.  So, I would be able to ensure that the people of Cobb County have what may be the only true fair and proper judicial system in America.

My platform is basic.  I am an experienced corporate executive with exceptional knowledge of the law and the rules of civil procedure.  I understand the fundamental rights that our forefathers provided in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and I will ensure that those rights are always protected.  I will always be honest, and I will insist that those working in the magistrate’s office are also scrupulously honest at all times.  Everyone who enters a magistrate courtroom in Cobb County will be told that they must tell the truth, and if they do not tell the truth, they will be prosecuted for perjury.  Every attorney and pro se party will be told right up front that if they ever make a false statement in court or in any court filings, action will be taken against them including action for disbarment.  All attorneys will be told that they must always go by every rule, and they must live by the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct.  Failure to do so will be dealt with swiftly and decisively.  As new magistrate judges are hired, honest, capable people who do not have conflicts of interest will be top candidates.  I believe every attorney has a built-in conflict with the attorneys who appear before them.

I will tell the people of Cobb County that I do not believe they have been treated fairly when they have had to deal with the courts, so as far as their magistrate courts are concerned, that will all change.  No one should lose in court because they were deprived of essential rights and were compromised by prejudice and bias.  I have signed a Contract with the Citizens of Cobb County in which I promise to be honest and in which I make myself accountable to the people.  If I violate the contract, a grand jury can vote to remove me from office, and I will resign.  I give the people a guarantee.  To the best of my knowledge, no other elected official has ever done so.

Neither the Georgia Republican Party nor the Georgia Democratic Party even extended the courtesy of responding to my inquiry about being a candidate, so I am proudly the nominee of the Libertarian Party.  I have considered myself an independent since I discovered that corruption is rampant in both parties.  I read the Libertarian Party Platform, and I was surprised to learn that I can agree with it.  The Libertarians want us to have our fundamental rights, and they are sincere about it.  If you have never really paid much attention to the Libertarian Party, please take a few minutes and read the Libertarian Party Platform.

In the meantime, anyone who wants to get 19,000 signatures for me in Cobb County is cordially invited to get started!  Cool

William M. Windsor

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