William M. Windsor needs HELP….or a Straightjacket


Happy New Year!

I’m starting to feel like this guy looks.

After a very encouraging initial response to the personal emails that I sent individually to leaders and shakers in the fight against judicial corruption and government corruption, the response just stopped.

It is so frustrating becausse I know there are ways for us to accomplish something meaningful in this battle, but it will take a team to make it happen….

I KNOW we have a plan that will generate results.  I know there are a lot of victims and others who really care about this horrendous predicament that we now have in America.

But why can’t I get people motivated to help?

If you have any ideas, please share them with me.  I want more than anything to help save America.

I’ve spent hundreds of man hours developing an incredible database of close to 5,000 people who seem to be passionate about the issues.  But then I email with no response.

SOCK — The Save Our Constitution Konvention will be a big bust on January 15, 2012 unless we can get websites, associations, and activists participating. 

Please help, or take up a collection and buy me a straightjacket.

William M. Windsor

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