Will Bill Windsor be murdered while filming Lawless America…The Movie?


Will Bill Windsor be murdered while filming Lawless America…The Movie?

I am not afraid of much of anything.  I am a positive attitude kind of person, so I haven’t given any real thought to being killed. 

But others have…


My wife spoke with our insurance agent today.  She told her all about the movie and the trip. 

Our insurance agent immediately told my wife that I am sure to be murdered while on this trip.  She believes the government will not risk allowing me to complete this project.  She also fears that they will blow up the Jeep to destroy the video.

Needless to say, my wife was a basket case when she came home!

I’ve read some reports that indicate Breitbart was probably murdered.  Sunny Sheu was definitely murdered, as was Nancy Schaffer.  I was told last year that a federal prisoner had been approached with a deal to get out of prison if he would “infiltrate my organization” and kill me.  I have no idea if that report was valid or not, but it certainly did get my attention.

Should I die while filming this movie, you can bet your boots that it was murder.  I have zero health problems.  I did go to the hospital a few weeks ago with a pinched nerve in my back, but that is all it was.  I had all kinds of blood tests, X-rays, CatScan, and more, and there was absolutely nothing wrong.  I have never had heart problems or cancer (except for some skin cancer).  I am an excellent driver; I have been in only one minor fender bender in 47 years of driving.  I don’t drink or smoke or hang out in bars.  I’ve never used drugs of any type.  I’ve never even seen drugs — not even marijuana.  (I thought I found some marijuana in our basement once, but it turned out to be catnip.)  I don’t take risks.

So, should I turn up dead, I believe it will be murder, and I believe the government is the likely suspect.

The people who I believe might most like to see me dead include Judge Orinda D. Evans, Judge William S. Duffey, Judge Thomas W. Thrash, Judge Jerry W. Baxter, Judge Cynthia Wright, Judge Doris Downs, Judge Kelly Lee, Judge Stephanie Davis, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard, Fulton County District Attorney’s Chief Investigator Cynthia Nwokocha, attorney Carl H. Anderson, Jr., the law firm of Hawkins Parnell Thackston Young, Maid of the Mist Corporation, Maid of the Mist Steamboat Company Limited, Christopher Glynn, James V. Glynn, Sean Boushie, and every federal appellate court judge with the Eleventh Circuit.

I have a special secret plan for daily transfers of all my footage, so there are a couple of people out there who will know how to access everything filmed should anything happen to me.  I have also made some special personal security arrangements.

I certainly hope our insurance agent’s fears are unfounded.  I REALLY want to see Lawless America…The Movie completed.  I want to see these corrupt people arrested, indicted, convicted, imprisoned, impeached, bankrupted, and disgraced.


William M. Windsor

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Bill, I believe you are too high of a profile for there to be an outright murder.  That being said, there are hundreds of dirty tricks that could be used to fight the exposure of this corruption.  Traffic stops with baggies dropped into your window come to mind.  More than anything these people will attack your credibility.  Don’t forget, they claim to have the corner on the morality market while we are all just a bunch of disgruntled litigants who can’t let go of the fact we lost our cases in court.  I have had very powerful people try to discredit me and my message for almost 30 years.  I pick examples of corruption that are provable and clearly backed up by facts just like you Bill.


We all have a moral obligation to expose this corruption and demand corrective action from our government.  This is not the time to hide in the shadows and simply hope things get better.  Like the “Kids for Cash” scandal in Pennsylvania, the public needs to know how bad things really are in our Judicial System.  This corrupt system was successful in taking us down as individuals because as individuals we had no strength or credibility.  Only as we gather into a solid group of cohesive, educated, and credible patriots can we be successful as the dragon we call corruption is………… behemoth.

Larry Hohol-Author “The Luzerne County Railroad”


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