Why has a Senior Citizen filmmaker been held illegally in a Texas jail for 53 days?


Why has a Senior Citizen filmmaker been held illegally in a Texas jail for 53 days?  Why has he been targeted by a gang of criminals headquartered in Ellis County Texas?

William M. Windsor is a 66-year-old man who had never been in jail, hadn’t even had a traffic ticket or parking ticket in 14 years, but he was held illegally for 53 days because a judge in Montana wants to put him on trial for filming a documentary movie and sending legal mail to a defendant in Montana.

It’s a story so crazy that you would think it couldn’t possible be true….

But it is true.  Handcuffed, frisked, strip searched, fingerprinted, mugshotted, exposed to a host of diseases (includng staph, MRSA, Herpes, and Tuberculosis), denied a toothbrush and socks for 53 days, denied bond, denied all types of civil, Constitutional, and legal rights.  That’s what has happened to Bill Windsor.

This is quite a story.  It involves threats, attempted murder, illegal detention, denial of bond, corrupt law enforcement officers, corrupt district attorneys, and a gang of criminals headquartered in Ellis County Texas and Missoula Montana who are allowed to commit crimes and are protected by law enforcement and the courts.

Bill Windsor has never committed a crime in his life, but he now faces the possibility that he may die in a Montana pentitentiary because he set out to film a documentary exposing corruption in America.

Only in America?

William M. Windsor


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