Whistleblower Productions invites students in every state to work on the crew of Lawless America…The Movie


Whistleblower Productions launched a national publicity campaign for Lawless America…The Movie on May 16, 2012.

The second of many news releases was issued today.  Promotion will be sent regularly to a special media database of over 200,000 email addresses compiled by and many of the people who will be filmed for the movie.

The second release does not mention the name of the movie in hopes of “tricking” the mainstream media into providing coverage based on some of the unique aspects of the movie…

Surely local film students working on the production crew of a movie should warrant mainstream media coverage in each state.

The press release inviting students reads as follows:

Local students invited to work on production of a movie

Atlanta, GA – May 18, 2012 — Students studying radio, TV, and film at colleges across the country are being given the opportunity for real-world experience working on the crew of a movie that is being filmed locally.

William M. Windsor, Producer/Director said: “We are offering radio-TV-film and communications students the opportunity to work on a documentary film that is being produced this summer in every state capital.  They will not be paid, but they will receive experience and will be listed in the closing credits.”

This project is unique in many ways.  The movie is being filmed in all 50 states and DC in a 143-day road trip covering 16,508 miles (surely a first).  Over 750 people will be filmed, and the project will produce one documentary film, and over 750 videos, including testimony for every state legislature and the U.S. House and Senate.

Students will be joining the crew all across the country.  College Radio-TV-Film students interested in working on the film are asked to email


Local media is invited to attend filming in each U.S. city.  The itinerary is available at


Letter sent to colleges and universities — Word FilePDF File.  Itinerary sent with this letter — PDF File

.Copies of all news releases will be provided online as both a Microsoft Word file and as a pdf file so anyone interested can help promote this project.  Feel free to personalize, but issue anything personalized in your name rather than the name of Whistleblower Productions.

Each News Release article will be listed on a special page for easy reference.

May 15, 2012 News Release — Whistleblower Productions Announcement — Word FilePDF File

May 15, 2012 News Release Attachment — Movie Trip Itinerary — PDF File

May 18, 2012 News Release — Students invited to work on Film Crew — Word FilePDF File

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