What sort of stories will Bill Windsor feature on the Lawless America TV Show?


What sort of stories will Bill Windsor feature on the Lawless America TV Show?

I was asked to put together a short list, and I did.

Everyone wants to think their story is the best, so please don’t be disappointed if your story is not listed here..

The producers will have a full list.

Click here for the article that tells the story of how I was approached about making Lawless America a reality TV show, and it includes the synposis that I provided.

Here is the list of stories that I provided literally off the top of my head.  Well, semi-literally:

Murder of October Perez.  April Hall is the grandmother of October Perez.  When October came to April’s home for visitation while her father was in Afghanistan, April could tell she was being abused.  Child Protective Services lied and said everything was okay, claimed they were going into the home three times a week.  The police did nothing.  October was finally murdered by the mother’s boyfriend.  The autopsy showed many broken bones in various stages of healing when he finally broke her back the second time and caused her death.  The mother was never charged.  I have interviews with April, the father, and on-location film at all the locations that are part of the story. 
Murder of Gregory Johnson, Jr. at the Sigma Chi House at San Jose State University.  I interviewed Denise and Gregory Johnson in a hotel and at the scene of the crime.  Gregory Johnson was the only black member of Sigma Chi and one of a very small number of black students at San Jose State.  He was handsome, smart, extremely fit, and had an exciting future.  He had a beautiful white girlfriend.  Law enforcement and the University claim he committed suicide in the basement of the Sigma Chi House.  He was 6’3″ and was allegedly found hanging from a 4-foot pipe in the basement of the Sigma Chi House with his legs at a 90-degree angle parallel to the floor.  That is impossible to do alive much less dying or dead.  There were a hundred people in the House that night.  I believe someone knows what happened.  The Johnsons were denied access to evidence with a claim it was being withheld for national security reasons.  The whole story stinks
Kids for Cash.  Sandy Fonzo’s son committed suicide after he was sent to a children’s prison in the Kids for Cash scheme in Pennsylvania.  Two judges obtained millions for sentencing kids to a private prison for heinous crimes such as wearing too much perfume and faking a sick note.  This was one of the few stories that got national media coverage. 
Elder Abuse, Disabled Abuse, and Guardianship Abuse.  Matthew Taylor is the victim of an illegal guardianship.  It’s about victims of trafficking the elderly and disabled for profit.  His interview was the only one of over 1,000 that received a standing ovation from everyone in the room.
Wrongful Conviction of Maryann Lubas’ Son Mike.  Mike was found guilty of raping his four-year-old daughter.  There was DNA evidence.  Semen was found on the little toddler’s panties.  It was not his.  His defense attorney was incompetent, and Mike is rotting in prison, convicted of a crime that the prosecutors should not have pursued against him.
Child Protective Services Abuse of Deanna Fogerty Hardwick.  A CPS worker took her children away for six years.  She fought it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and won a multi-million judgment against Orange County California.  She did not get six years of the lives of her children back.  This is a rare “success” story. 
Ryan Holle Story.  Ryan loaned his car to a roommate.  The roommate picked up a friend and they went to steal some drugs.  A murder was committed by the friend of the roommate while Ryan Holle was at home asleep in his bed.  Ryan Holle is in prison for life without the possibility of parole.  Florida’s felony murder rule is that if you loan your car to someone and they commit a crime, you are guilty of the same crime.  Wikipedia Report.  
Yankton 4 — Four Native Americans wrongfully convicted of raping their nieces.  It didn’t happen.  I interviewed everyone, including the girls.  The men have been in prison for 21 years with 10 to go.  We filmed on the Yankton Sioux Reservation and in a hotel. 
Wrongful Incarceration of Dr. Richard Fine.  Dr. Fine, an attorney, discovered massive fraud in California involving payoffs to judges.  he was kept in jail for over a year and silenced until legislation could be passsed to forgive the payoffs.
Michael Lindsay Wrongful Conviction Story by Linda Barnett.  This story was rated by Lawless America fans as the most compelling story filmed.  The prosecutor withheld a photo that shows Michael Lindsay unconscious, badly cut, and bleeding on the cement.  The jury found him guilty of murder, and no one, including Michael, knew he was unconscious from the attack on him.  This first video shows the photo that was withheld.  When I first saw it, I assumed it was a photo of the man who died.
Lawless America Movie Promo: Nobody — Lynda Pearson Barnett
Tina Kufner lost her two sons due to Judicial Corruption or Stupidity.  Tina says the father of her children made them lick ice cream off his penis.  She found photos on his computer.  A Rhode Island federal judge said he didn’t have jurisdiction to do anything about it, and the child molester escaped to Germany with the boys. 
Retired Federal Judge Mary Elizabeth Bullock tells me that if anyone in America thinks they will get justice when they walk into a courtroom, they are sorely mistaken.  What the government did to her is unthinkable. 
Experience of three young people who served as film crew in four cities.  From Jonathan Kudzmas of Hey Mom! Productions comes a short documentary detailing three days spent with Lawless America and me.  Jonathan, Sean Davis, and Caitlin Howarth re-live the three days spent traveling to South Dakota and what inspired them.
Chy Johnson Story.  I was fortunate to break the story that went worldwide about the bullying of Chy Johnson and what the Queen Creek High School Football Team did about it.  The story was written in newspapers and shown on TV worldwide.  She was in People Magazine.  ESPN did a big story.  And the team won the Arizona State Championship. 
I could go on and on.
The story of the young West Point graduate shot and killed by Las Vegas Police when a Costco employee saw that he was wearing a concealed handgun.  He had a permit.  He was shopping with his fiancee.  Police say he raised a gun when someone hollered at him in the crowd; witness affidavits say it was a Blackberry.  Father Bill Scott has written a book about it.
The story of Anaheim police murdering young Hispanics.
A young woman in Virginia who spent three years in a maximum security prison for parking in a fire lane.  Her grandmother was indicted as a gang leader.  The girl’s mother and grandmother were exposing corruption in the Stafford County Virginia Police Department.
Officer Involved Domestic Violence stories.
A man whose divorce has been pending for 15 years as his “wife” does everything humanly possible to break him financially.
Women whose husbands hire the attorneys with the relationships with the judges who give their clients a complete game plan of how to screw the wife.
Irene and Tim, a couple in Washington with learning disabilities whose blonde-headed children have been taken away from them for things such as shooting waterguns at each other and climbing on the back of the couch.  Blonde-headed children are especially attractive for adoption, and counties make money off putting children in foster care and adopting them out.  They get a premium if the children have special needs, so they are sure to create some special needs.
A mother and father who sought county help when they were down on their luck, so the county took their children away.  Mollie Malone told me: “I didn’t know it was a crime to be poor.”
A man who is one of 160 who have been on death row and exonerated.  30 days before he was to be put to death.
Horrific stories of child abuse that CPS, law enforcement, and the courts let happen.
A grandmother whose daughter was killed lost her granddaughter to a man who had his name put on the child’s birth certificate.  A paternity test was hidden by the judge who gave the man custody.  A Freedom of Information requeat reveals that the paternity test shows the man is not the father.  He still has the little girl.  They allegedly live in a massage parlor.
The judge who thought he was God.  He resigned.
Michael Jackson Concert Promoter who is a victim of terrible judicial corruption.
Father who sued Simon Cowell for putting his juvenile daughter on TV in a singing competition without his permission.
The Stafford Ice House Murders and what law Enforcement didn’t do about them.
Man who says his health insurance company tried to have him killed.
Nurse who lost her children and was run out of Montana for trying to expose the State of Montana for concealing wrongdoing.
The judicial and attorney theft of everything Jeff Baron ever had, including the clothes off his back.
Teenager who recorded a Lawless America video to tell her judge that he father sexually molested her when she went on unsupervised sleepover visits.
The Carver County Minnesota INjustice Center, home of the Subway Sandwich Defense.
Sean Boushie, government-paid cyberstalker, paid and supported by the University of Montana.
Joeyisalittlekid Gang of cyberstalkers, their wrongdoing, and the mental issues that cause people like this to do such horrendous things.
Women who came to be filmed to tell outrageous lies about thei ex-husbands.
Then there’s my own story of totally-documented judicial and law enforcement corruption.

Here is my one-minute Pursuit of Truth Video:
Here is a trailer done by Naomi, one of the victims:


For a quick update on Bill Windsor’s saga and upcoming trial, see this summary on LawlessAmerica.com.

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