What in the world will it take to get Americans to realize that we have lost Our Fundamental Rights


What in the world will it take to get Americans to realize that we have lost our fundamental rights?

Maybe I will drive to all 50 state capitals in an antique hearse with signs on the side and back that say “America is Dead.”

And film a documentary with people telling their stories of government corruption and judicial corruption…at least one from each state….

We have to educate millions of people.  We need publicity.  Maybe something like this would do it.

I’m open for suggestions.  I often ask on the weekly shows, and there haven’t been many ideas.

Come on guys and guyettes, what can we do?  How do we get the attention of millions of people?



This idea has generated a number of favorable emails.  The idea has some “hooks.”¬Ě

  • Someone driving to all 50 states in one trip (I believe I may be the only person to ever do this — 2003 — see www.RoundAmerica.com)
  • Driving in an attention-getting vehicle — antique hearse or police car — with attention-getting signs.
  • Filming a “movie.”
  • Inviting folks to turn out to be in the movie!  Everyone who shows up on the courthouse steps gets in the movie.
  • Posting to YouTube daily.
  • Petitioning at the county courthouse in every capital when I am in town.
  • Have someone in each state try to line up one or more speaking engagement.
  • Should be media-worthy.  Local and maybe national.
  • The website can show the itinerary and maps showing the route as it is planned and taken.

I figure 100 days minimum — 150 days maximum.  This map shows the itinerary; trip would start in Atlanta and end with a flight to Honolulu.


William M. Windsor

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