Victories in Battle against Judicial Corruption, Government Corruption, Legal Corruption, and Law Enforcement Corruption


I am very pleased to report that we are scoring some victories in the battle against Judicial Corruption, Government Corruption, Legal Corruption, and Law Enforcement Corruption.

In one case, hundreds of followers of Lawless America answered the call to sign a petition asking that Judge Gail S. Tusan recuse herself.

And SHE DID!  Ed Dort thanks GRIP and each and every one of you for your help.


In another case, we featured an article about a wide variety of misconduct by “Children & Family Services”…and within 24 hours, the agency learned of the article and was calling to see what they could do….

And here in Atlanta, our picketing and petitioning has caused judges to dispatch staff members to speak with us, and some judicial employees have secretly communicated with us to offer to provide proof of the corruption that they admit is rampant in the Fulton County Courthouse.

The trip to all 50 states filing a documentary about the corruption will get significant publicity and should yield some amazing results!

Publicizing the corruption that we all encounter is one of the most important things we can do to battle corruption.  Please share your stories, and please sign petitions and take the other actions that I ask.  It is all designed for us to have many victories.

For starters, login to Facebook, and then come back to, and click on the “Like” button on each of the stories here.  This will send them to thousands of web pages.  Every little effort helps!

If you are a victim of judicial corruption, goivernment corruption, legal corruption, or law enforcement corruption or abuse, please send your story to Lawless America….

We will publish your story and ensure that thousands of people receive it and millions of people can easily find it on the Internet.

Simply write what happened.  Send it by email to  Type it in an email or in an attached Microsoft Word file.

For best results in the search engines, please spell out the full names of the people involved each time you use their name.  Send photos and documents, if possible.  Be sure to include your full name, address, telephone numbers, and websites.  We won’t publish this, but we do need it for our information and records.  If you will be available for an in-person on-camera interview, please let me know.

In exchange for our effort in running your story and helping you, we ask a favor in return.  Please help us expose the stories of others and the crisis in America due to dishonesty and corruption in government.  We have written three projects, and we ask you to do each of the things that we have identified.  The results will be that our articles exposing corruption will blanket the Internet and cause our stories to be seen far and wide.  Here are the projects:

Project #1

Project #2

Project #3

I look forward to hearing from you.

William M. Windsor

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